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5 Best 48-Inch TVs

Are you interested in getting a portable TV for your apartment, office, living room, or restaurant? Then, I have special offers for you in the 5 Best 48-Inch TVs guide.

I have carefully put together the 5 best 48-inch TVs in this PowerVersity buying guide to help you choose from the selection.

Additionally, you can rely on these TVs since they were carefully chosen among the greatest and most popular items on the market.

As a result, I will provide my ranking in descending order (from fifth best to first best).

For clarity, I will introduce my subject topic in the overview, and then the benefits and drawbacks will follow.

The features and considerations come next, after the advantages and disadvantages.

Before you buy the TV you have in mind, these factors require careful consideration and investigation.

Also, the specification and comparison of the 5 best 48-inch TVs on my list will serve as an eye-opener on things you may not know.

It will also indicate certain ideas and distinguishing points for each product.

Furthermore, you will get answers to frequently asked questions and see why this TV is worth your investment.

Finally, I wrap it up with my final thought.

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My Recommendations And Specifications Table: 5 Best 48-Inch TVs

ProductsDimensionItem WeightConnectivity TechnologySupported Internet ServicesBrand
VIZIO D48-D0 D-Series 48″46.5 x 15.63 x 29.64 inches‎26.5 poundsWi-Fi

Netflix, Pandora, Vudu, Hulu Plus, and YouTubeVIZIO
Sony XBR-48A9S OLED 4K Smart TV 10.13 x 42.13 x 24.88 inches30 poundsBluetoothNetflixSony
LG C2 Series 48-Inch Class OLED9.9 x 42.2 x 25.6 inches‎39.7 poundsHDMINetflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, and moreLG
LG 48-Inch Series Smart TV19.5 x 42.1 x 46.1 inches‎59.3 poundsBluetooth, HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, and RFHBO Max, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, and more, Apple TVLG
Sony 48-inch 4K Ultra HD TV A90K Series42.13 x 24.63 x 2.38
29.5 poundsWi-Fi, USB, and Ethernetnetflix, Amazon Instant VideoSony

VIZIO D48-D0 D-Series 48

VIZIO D48-D0 D-Series 48

The “VIZIO D48-D0 D-Series 48” is the 5th of my Best 48-Inch TVs.

The Vizio TV gives you access to watch and stream videos as well as live shows. More so, you can download more apps to your TV with the internet.

Furthermore, it features an LED backlight that ensures you get great picture quality and lighting from the images on your TV.

Also, it goes further to feature a 3.5-LED zone that improves and supports the work of the LED backlight.

Connection to the internet is easy because you can do a wireless connection with the use of Wi-Fi. Then, you can transfer and download movies, apps, and the like.

One of the most important things to ensure your TV has and is of great quality is the refresh rate.

The refresh rate helps to prevent the images and objects on the TV screen from being blurry while you change channels or while the images are moving fast.

Thus, it is a good TV for sports and gamers. Finally, it features a 1-year warranty.


  • Refresh Rate.
  • Wireless connection.
  • LED backlights.
  • 3.5 LED zones.


  • There are no buttons on the TV except the remote control.
  • Poor customer service.

Sony XBR-48A9S OLED 4K Smart TV

Sony XBR-48A9S OLED 4K Smart TV

Making it to this list of the best 48-inch TV as the 4th best is the Sony XBR-48A9S OLED 4K Smart TV.

This TV has millions of pixels that are supercharged just to make the colors more realistic and vibrant to go along with the complete OLED black.

This 48-inch TV is one of the best when it comes to delivering quality pictures and videos.

Furthermore, it consistently conveys the maker’s intentions on the screen to give out the best picture quality

This wonderful product uses one of the best processors that Sony has to analyze the contents on your screen. Moreover, the processor also brings out the absolute contrast with pure blacks, peak brightness, and natural colors.

Additionally, if you are a gaming fan, then this TV will also serve you well, as it is a Sony 4K gaming TV.

Even more, it features a game mode to enable a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

In addition, you can now use the voice control feature to control this TV. This feature helps in searching for both movies and shows, answers some questions, and also manages some tasks.

The Sony XBR-48A9S OLED 4K Smart TV also works with Alexa.


  • This TV’s OLED and X-Motion Clarity enable the fast-moving scenes of a movie to be bright and clear for your viewing.
  • Furthermore, it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • Moreover, this TV has very excellent reflection handling.
  • It also has a wide viewing angle.


  • It lacks VRR support.

LG C2 Series 48-Inch Class OLED: 5 Best 48-Inch TVs

LG C2 Series 48-Inch Class OLED
Image from amazon

The “LG C2 Series 48-Inch Class OLED” is the 3rd of my Best 48-Inch TV.

This TV ensures that you get the best picture and color quality while watching your movies.

Also, you do not only have access to watching movies, but you can also do other things like stream live videos, play games, and stream sports conveniently.

Furthermore, it supports what you are watching and adjusts the picture quality and color to the best quality it can offer over what you are watching.

Thus, you can watch your TV comfortably.

Also, it features a refresh rate that ensures that the objects and images on the TV screen do not get blurry while you are watching or decide to change the channel, especially if the objects are moving faster than usual or slower than usual.

Therefore, it is ideal for gamers.

You can also transfer your files, documents, pictures, and videos into the TV using the cable and HDMI.

Nevertheless, you can either mount it or use the TV stand.

However, the stand is sold separately. Again, it uses a battery-operated remote control to change channels, increase the volume and perform other functions.

Finally, it features a 1-year warranty.


  • Multi-functionalities.
  • Picture quality and color.
  • Refresh rate.
  • Warranty.


  • The sound is not comfortable.
  • Invasion of privacy for ads.

LG 48-Inch Series Smart TV

LG 48-Inch Series Smart TV
Amazon Image

The LG 48-Inch Series Smart TV ranks second on our list of the best 48-inch TVs.

This 48-inch TV was designed to be not only functional but decorative, with round edges and a smooth finish.

Furthermore, this unique TV can add style to any room.

With this TV, you will not have to encounter messy cables and accessories anymore due to the media shelf, which gives your TV a sleek look.

Moreover, you can now experience very professional picture quality with infinite contrast, and more than a billion colors, which are very bright thanks to the 8 million self-lit OLED pixels.

The α9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K is engineered exclusively for LG and can adapt to the video you’re watching, automatically adjusting the settings for better and improved picture and sound quality.

In addition to the stand, cable and accessory organizer, this TV comes with a Magic Remote with Magic Tap, remote control batteries (AA), a power cable, a wall mount, and a quick start guide.


  • This TV has very good tonal details.
  • Furthermore, it produces an exciting, punchy picture
  • Moreover, it is a brilliant TV for gamers


  • The sound could use a little work.

Sony 48-inch 4K Ultra HD TV A90K Series

Sony 48 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A90K Series

The “Sony 48 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A90K Series” is the 1st of my Best 48-Inch TV.

This SONY TV features an OLED that gives adequate natural light to the objects and images on the TV screen for a better viewing experience. Thus, it is ideal and suitable for both kids and adults.

Furthermore, it gives a rhyming sound quality in harmony with the screen, which makes it very convenient and comfortable while watching movies and streaming live shows.

Notwithstanding, it comes with supported devices like Amazon, and Netflix. Nevertheless, you can download more apps that are compatible with the TV to stream more shows.

It also features an HDMI port that allows you to transfer files, documents, movies, pictures, videos, and games from your smart devices to your TV.


  • Multi-functionalities.
  • HDMI.
  • Great picture and sound quality.
  • Natural lighting (OLED).


  • There is no stated warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Best 48-Inch TVs

1. Is 48- Inch Tv Good For A TV?

In conjunction with 49 to 50 inches, they are regarded as the best-sized TV. Most especially, if you do not want a large TV that might look like it is taking up the whole space in the environment

2. How big is a 48-inch TV?

Well, the size of a TV is measured in height and width, and as in the case of a 48-inch TV, the width is usually between 42.72 inches and 42.80 inches with a stand, while it is 42.80 inches without a stand. However, it is usually between 24.80 and 26.65 inches with the stand and 24.82 inches without the stand.

3. Is a 48-Inch TV Small For A Bedroom?

Oftentimes, TVs smaller than 50 inches are usually the best and ideal size for the bedroom, while those higher than 50 inches are suitable for the sitting room, depending on the space available.

4. How Far Can You Sit From A 48-Inch TV?

Medically, it is advised that you sit at least 5 feet away from our TV, depending on how large the TV is. However, for a 48-inch TV, it is suitable to stay between 8 and 9 feet while watching.

5. How High Should A 48-Inches TV Be Far From The Floor?

A 48-inch TV should be at least 40 inches high from the floor either mounting or with a stand.

Final Thought: 5 Best 48-Inch TVs

TVs beautify your space or room. It allows you to see things and programs the way they are.

Anytime you feel like relaxing, watching TV is always helpful.

But if you want to change your TV to a larger one, consider your budget and space.

Above are my Best 48-Inch TV with their specifications, pros, and cons. Thus, I trust that with the given information, you can decide which of the Best 48-Inch TV you will love to get.

I really hope you found our buying guide for the Best 48-Inch TV useful.

Please review this buying guide using the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of this page if you found it useful.

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