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5 Best Electric Ranges

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional gas ranges and want to embrace the future of cooking, through electric ranges? Then you may have just made the right stop.

In a quest to improve your kitchen experience, we have curated a list of the 5 best electric ranges that seamlessly blend innovation, efficiency, and style.

These appliances not only promise convenience but also introduce cutting-edge technology into your kitchen.

From advanced smart features that allow remote control via your smartphone to energy-efficient designs that contribute to sustainability, electric ranges redefine the cooking experience.

This PowerVersity guide promises to arm you with all the necessary knowledge you need to make a well-informed choice as you explore the world of electric ranges.

For clarity, this article has been divided into sections. The first section is a brief overview, followed by a list of some of the benefits of electric ranges.

We will also look at the downsides of electric ranges before examining some factors to consider when choosing an electric range.

After considering these factors, we will then dive into the world of the 5 Best Electric ranges, exploring the uniqueness of each.

Finally, we will wrap up the article with the ‘frequently asked questions and answers”, and “final thoughts” sections.

Now let’s start with the overview.

5 Best Electric Ranges: Overview

An electric range is a kitchen appliance designed for cooking and baking that relies on electricity to generate heat.

It usually consists of a cooktop with heating elements and an oven, both powered by electricity.

Unlike gas ranges that use an open flame, electric ranges employ electric coils or smooth ceramic surfaces as heating elements on the cooktop.

In the case of the electric coils, they heat up when current passes through them, thereby, providing a controlled and consistent source of heat for cooking. 

In the case of smooth surfaces, on the other hand, induction technology may be used where electromagnetic fields generate heat directly in the cookware placed on the surface.

The oven component of an electric range is also electrically powered and features heating elements for baking and roasting. 

Some advanced electric ranges come equipped with additional features such as convection cooking, smart technology for remote control and monitoring, and energy-efficient designs.

Electric ranges are best known for their ease of use, precise temperature control, and the absence of an open flame which makes them a popular choice for modern kitchens.

They offer a variety of cooking options and are available in different sizes to suit diverse kitchen and cooking needs.

5 Best Electric Ranges: Benefits of Electric Ranges

Electric ranges have transformed the entire cooking experience, offering a range of benefits that cater to the needs of contemporary households.

Let us then dive into these benefits that make electric ranges a compelling choice.

Precise Temperature Control

Electric ranges offer accurate and consistent temperature controls, crucial for delicate dishes and precise cooking techniques.

This feature ensures consistent results with each culinary endeavor.

Safety Features

The absence of an open flame reduces the risk of gas leaks and gas-related accidents, making electric ranges a safer option for households.

Modern electric ranges often come with additional safety features like child locks and automatic shut-off functions.

Quick Heating

Electric ranges, particularly those with induction cooktops, heat up rapidly. This saves both time and energy during meal preparation, as the heat is directly transferred to the cookware.

Ease of Cleaning

The smooth ceramic surfaces of electric cooktops make clean-ups after cooking easy. It often requires a simple wipe after use, which helps in maintaining a tidy kitchen.

Even Cooking

Electric ovens distribute heat evenly, ensuring that your baked goods and roasts cook uniformly. This enables you to achieve consistent results across large or multiple dishes.


Electric ranges come in different styles and sizes, including freestanding and slide-in models, accommodating different cooking preferences and kitchen setups.

Modern Features

Many electric ranges come equipped with modern features like convection cooking, which enables faster and more even baking; smart technology that allows remote monitoring and control, and programmable settings for added convenience.

Energy Efficiency

Some electric ranges are designed with energy-saving features that contribute to a more sustainable kitchen environment. 

Some of these energy-saving features include programmable stings, timed cooking, and energy-efficient cooktop designs that help reduce overall energy consumption.

Environmental Impact

Compared to gas ranges, electric ranges generally produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a lower carbon footprint, and aligning with environmentally conscious choices.

5 Best Electric Ranges: Downsides of Electric Ranges

Slower Heating Times

Electric ranges, especially those with traditional coils, may have slower heating times compared to their gas counterparts. This will most likely affect cooking speed.

Dependency on Electricity

Electric ranges are much more vulnerable to power outages because they are entirely dependent on electricity.

If your electric range lacks backup power options, you lose the ability to cook during power outages, unlike gas ranges that can still be used manually.

Potentially Higher Utility Bills

Depending on whatever your local electricity rates are, operating an electric range may result in higher utility bills compared to using natural gas.

Limited Compatibility with Cookware

Induction cooktops require magnetic cookware for optimal performance. Thus, if your existing cookware is not compatible, you may need to invest in new pots and pans.

Maintenance Challenges

Repairing or replacing components in electric ranges, such as heating elements, can be more complex and expensive compared to gas ranges.

Having looked at both the benefits and downsides of electric ranges, let us now examine some factors to consider when choosing or purchasing an electric range that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Range

Cooktop Type

Based on your specific need or preference, decide between traditional electric coils, smooth ceramic surfaces, or induction cooktops.

Each has its own benefits in terms of heating, speed, safety, and ease of cleaning.

Note that induction cooktops offer faster heating, precise control, and increased safety as they remain cool to the touch.

Size and Configuration

Consider your kitchen space and choose between freestanding, slide-in, and drop-in ranges.

Freestanding ranges are versatile, while slide-in options provide a built-in appearance for a streamlined look.

Oven Capacity

Determine the oven size based on your cooking habits and the number of people you typically cook for.

Opting for a larger oven capacity is ideal if you frequently cook for a crowd or require the flexibility to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously.

Power and Heating Elements

Check the wattage and number of heating elements on the cooktop.

Higher wattage elements can provide faster heating, while additional elements offer versatility for simultaneous cooking.

Convection Cooking

Electric ranges with convection cooking are perfect for even baking and roasting.

The convection cooking technology circulates hot air within the oven, ensuring consistent temperature distribution and faster cooking times.

Smart Features

For added convenience, explore ranges with smart technology.

Features like Wi-Fi connectivity, remote monitoring, and integration with virtual assistants enhance control and efficiency in your kitchen.

Energy Efficiency

Look for energy-efficient features, such as induction cooktops or ovens with precise temperature control, in order to minimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Safety Features

Check for safety features like child locks, automatic shut-off, and indicator lights.

These features enhance kitchen safety, especially in households with children.

Induction cooktops, in particular, enhance safety by only activating when compatible cookware is detected.

Ease of Cleaning

Smooth ceramic surfaces are easy to clean, and some ranges feature additional conveniences like removable oven doors and self-cleaning options. 

Brand and Reviews

Research reputable brands are known for durability and customer satisfaction.

Read reviews to gain insights into the performance of specific models, including user experiences with features, reliability, and customer support.

5 Best Electric Ranges: Specification Table

ProductItem WeightProduct DimensionsMaterial TypeControls Type
CapacityMounting TypeInstallation type
Summit REX2421WRT 24” Electric Range140 pounds24.25 x 23.75 x 36. 5 inchesCeramicKnob2.92 Cubic FeetFreestandingFreestanding
GE 30” Slide-In Electric Convection Range179 pounds39 x 32 x 30 inchesKnobVariesFreestandingSlide-In
GE Profile PSS93YPFS 30” Slide-In Smart Electric Range200 pounds49 x 31 x 30 inchesCeramicRemote5.3 Cubic FeetFreestandingSlide-In
LG LSEL6337F 6.3 cu ft. smart WiFi Enabled ProBake Convection InstaView Electric Slide-In Range161.7 pounds29.28 x 29.88 x 36.5 inchesStainless SteelKnob6.3 Cubic FeetFreestandingSlide-In
Frigidaire GCFI3060BF 30 Inch Slide-In Electric Induction Range192 Pounds26 x 30 x 35.37 inchesStainless SteelTouch6.2 Cubic FeetFreestandingSlide-In

5 Best Electric Ranges: Review

Summit REX2421WRT 24” Electric Range

Summit REX2421WRT 24 Electric Range
Image source: amazon.com

The Summit REX2421WRT 24” Electric Range is an ideal option for smaller spaces.

This range is designed with a smooth ceramic glass cooktop surface, which ensures easy cleanup and safer cooking.

The Summit REX2421WRT 24” Electric Range features two 8” and two 6” elements, making a total of four, to accommodate a range of sizes and cooking needs.

The control panel on this range includes an indicator light for the oven and burners.

It features a 2.9 cubic-foot oven capacity with an adjustable storage drawer.

In addition, this electric range features a removable backguard, waist-high broiler, upfront controls, and safety burners.


  • Compact size for limited spaces and smaller households.


  • Limited oven capacity.
  • May lack advanced features found in larger models.

GE 30” Slide-In Electric Convection Range

GE® 30-inch Slide-In Electric Convection Range with No Preheat Air Fry
Image credit: Amazon.com

This electric convection range, on the fourth spot on our list, prioritizes reliability and efficiency.

It features a no-preheat fryer in the oven, providing you with a healthier, and crispier version of your favorite meals in less time.

The smart oven in this range features built-in Wi-Fi so you can control oven functions with the SmartHQ app on your smart device.

This convection electric range delivers even cooking and baking, using a rear fan to circulate hot air.

In addition, this model has a self-cleaning option. With the Steam Clean feature, you can clean your oven the way you want, making cleaning hard-to-reach areas easy.


  • Convection oven.
  • Slide-in design.
  • User-friendly controls.


  • Limited advanced features.
  • May lack high-end finishes.

GE Profile PSS93YPFS 30” Slide-In Smart Electric Range

GE Profile PSS93YPFS 30 Slide-In Smart Electric Range
amazon image

The GE Profile PSS93YPFS 30” Slide-In Smart Electric Range offers smart technology that helps elevate your kitchen experience.

This smart technology, enables remote control, while the convection oven ensures precise cooking.

The GE Profile PSS93YPFS 30” Slide-In Smart Electric Range comes with four radiant heating elements, a ceramic glass cooktop, and a 100W warming zone for all your culinary needs.

This model also features Self Clean with a steam cleaning option, making cleanup as simple as wiping the oven interior.

Furthermore, the GE Profile PSS93YPFS 30” Slide-In Smart Electric Range has a smart connectivity feature.

It is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi that integrates with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, NEST, and Drop, providing remote diagnostics and monitoring.


  • Smart technology.
  • Convection oven.
  • Sleek design.


  • Higher price.

LG LSEL6337F 6.3 cu ft. smart WiFi Enabled ProBake Convection InstaView Electric Slide-In Range

LG LSEL6337F 6.3 cu ft. smart WiFi Enabled ProBake Convection InstaView Electric Slide-In Range
image: www.amazon.com

On the second spot of our 5 Best Electric Ranges list is the LG LSEL6337F 6.3 cu ft. smart WiFi Enabled ProBake Convection InstaView Electric Slide-In Range.

If you’re looking to take convenience to the next level, then this range is the ideal choice.

Firstly, the ProBake Convection feature on this range delivers uniform roasting and baking, ensuring thorough cooking.

While the InstaView feature allows you to check your dishes without opening the oven. 

You just have to knock twice on the InstaView window to turn on the oven light without letting heat escape.

The oven also features air frying, requiring no pre-heating, less oil, and no extra gadgets on your counter.

The LG LSEL6337F 6.3-cu-ft. smart WiFi-enabled ProBake Convection InstaView Electric Slide-In Range comes with a flexible 3-in-1 UltraHeat element.

You can go from 12” to 9” to 6” with just a turn to simmer a small pan of sauce, without having to move pans around.

Additionally, this electric range is equipped with white LED backlit knobs as indicators that show or tell you when each burner is on or off.

Another awesome feature of this electric range is the intuitive Smooth Touch glass controls that deliver a sleek style and easy operation, with just a touch of your finger.

Furthermore, the PrintProof stainless steel finish makes this range fingerprint and smudge-resistant, making it easy to clean by just wiping it with a soft, dry cloth.

This electric range also features smart Wi-Fi. With the ThinQ app, you can remotely control and monitor this range. 

Equipped with this smart technology, you can start or stop the oven, set timers, and check on your appliance from anywhere.

You can also control this range using your voice, with the help of Alexa or Google Assistant.

Lastly, this electric range offers an easy clean feature.

You simply need to spray the oven interior with water, press the EasyClean button, and let the oven do the work in just 10 minutes – without chemicals or high heat. 


  • Convection oven.
  • Instaview feature.
  • Smart Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Easy clean.


  • Premium pricing.
  • Rely on strong Wi-Fi for smart features.

Frigidaire GCFI3060BF 30 Inch Slide-In Electric Induction Range

Frigidaire GCFI3060BF 30 Inch Slide-In Electric Induction Range

Topping out the 5 Best Electric Ranges list is the Frigidaire GCFI3060BF 30 Inch Slide-In Electric Induction Range.

This range boasts a sophisticated 30-inch slide-in design, integrating seamlessly into modern kitchens.

The standout feature of this electric range is the induction cooktop that ensures rapid, precise, and safer heating as the area around the pan stays cooler.

The total convection oven complements this with even cooking, and maximum versatility in the kitchen, powering cooking modes like air fry, no preheat, slow cook, convection bake, steam bake, convection roast, steam roast, etc.

This range features 5 elements on the cooktop, designed to handle all of your cooking needs, including a convenient bridge element that maximizes the cooktop space.

This bridge element, connects two elements, in order to create a larger cooking surface, perfect for a griddle or large pan.

Additionally, this range is equipped with temperature probe monitors that alert you when the desired finished cooking temperature has been reached. 

Also, with the TempLock feature, you can avoid overcooking and undercooking your food, as the sensors in the cooktop will automatically adjust the power level to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the entire cooking period.

Furthermore, the range offers two convenient cleaning options.

You can either select Steam Clean for a quick, 30-minute clean, or choose Self Clean, for 2–4 hours of cleaning.

Lastly, this electric range features a premium, responsive 4.3-inch, full-color, capacitive touchscreen control panel. It is also smudge-proof and cleans easily.


  • Induction technology.
  • Convection oven.
  • Safer cooktop surface.
  • Extra-large oven capacity.
  • Bridge element.


  • Higher cost
  • Requires compatible cookware for optimal performance

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What are the key advantages of choosing an electric range over other types?

Electric ranges offer precise temperature control, and even heating, and are often easier to clean. They are also generally more cost-effective upfront, compared to gas ranges.

2. How does the induction cooktop differ from traditional electric cooktops?

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic technology to heat the cookware directly, providing rapid and precise heating. Traditional electric cooktops use radiant heat to transfer energy to the cookware.

3. Are electric ranges energy-efficient?

Electric ranges, especially those with induction cooktops, can be energy-efficient due to precise heating and quicker cooking times. Look for models with Energy Star certification for increased efficiency.

4. What safety considerations should I keep in mind when using an electric range?

Ensure proper ventilation to disperse cooking fumes, and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe use. If you have small children, look for safety features such as control lockouts and cool-to-touch surfaces.

5. Are there any common downsides to using electric ranges?

Electric ranges may have slower heating times compared to their gas counterparts. Some users also miss the visual cues of an open flame. Additionally, power outages can temporarily render electric ranges unusable.

6. Can I use any type of cookware on electric ranges?

Most cookware is suitable for electric ranges. However, for induction cooktops, ensure your cookware is magnetic for optimal performance. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific requirements.

5 Best Electric Ranges: Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration, consider the unique benefits that each of these models we reviewed, brings to your kitchen.

From the precise induction cooking of the Frigidaire GCIF3060BF to the advanced smart features of the LG LSEL6337F and GE Profile PSS93YPFS, your culinary journey is already set for transformation.

Whatever your individual preference is, all these ranges offer convenience and efficiency, making them standout choices in the market.

Selecting the right one depends on your cooking style, kitchen space, and desired features.

We encourage you to embrace the joy of cooking and elevate your cooking experience with a carefully chosen electric range that not only meets but exceeds your culinary expectations.

We have included a thorough buying guide for the 5 Best Electric Ranges to assist you in selecting the ideal product without going over budget.

I hope you found this buying guide helpful.

Kindly share your thoughts with us by filling out the “Leave A Reply” form at the end of this page.

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