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5 Best 18000 BTU Air Conditioners

Best 18000 BTU Air Conditioner
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Have you been looking for the best buying guide for the best 18000 BTU air conditioner? Welcome to the right page.

This Powerversity guide will ensure that it dishes out valid and accurate information. Also, for ease of understanding, this guide will be in sections.

An air conditioner is electronic equipment that helps to keep a cool environment and remove heat from it. This equipment uses three main features: work and the resultant heat, which becomes cool air.

Furthermore, these pieces of equipment are the condenser coil, the evaporator coil, and the compressor. They work hand in hand to convert the gas to liquid or otherwise, and in the process, it absorbs the heat inside the room to release cool air.

However, it is advisable to use the AC only sometimes, The air conditioner might be beneficial, but it has its limitations. This is because too much air conditioning can cauleave your skin to be left without moisture, leading to dry skin, skin breakage, dry lips, and other skin irritations.

In addition, you need to know that air conditioners come in different types, and sizes. They have both general and additional features.

Let us have a look at what we will see in different sections.

Firstly, I will give the features and factors to consider when buying an air conditioner. Thus, you will know what to worry about and what not to worry about.

Next, there will be a tabular representation of my Best 18000 BTU air conditioner stating their specifications. In addition, I will explain each of these products giving valid details on them, and state their pros and cons.

In other words, each product’s benefits and likely limitations. Finally, I will dish out answers to some relatable questions.

Then, I will give my final thoughts.

Best 18000 BTU Air Conditioner: Features And Factors To Consider



One of the features of an air conditioning system is the dehumidifier. As the name implies, the dehumidifier helps to reduce the moisture around the environment.

It can work to cool the environment and do multiple tasks like drying wet clothes, running your bath, and others. Hence, it is of more advantage.


Secondly, we have filters. Filters in the air conditioner help to prevent dust, dirt, or any form of microorganism from entering the air conditioner talk less of entering the room.

Moreover, all air conditioners feature a removable and washable filter, which means cleaning is very easy, and cleaning from time to time is advisable to avoid blockage or any damage.


The compressor is one of the three features that work inside the air conditioner to produce cool air. This is the part that converts the gas into liquid.

Furthermore, it can convert the gas from a low-pressure to a high-pressure gas leading to a high-temperature level.

Condenser coil

The condenser coil is another feature of an air conditioner that works with the compressor. However, the condenser coil helps to cool the gas with high pressure and converts it back into a liquid, while the evaporator uses the result from this process to work.


From the details in our condenser coil, the evaporator has to be connected to the condenser coil. Interestingly, it is connected to the condenser coil with a very thin pipe.

Also, the evaporator converts the high-pressure gas into a low-pressure liquid from which the refrigerant takes the heat to cool birth air.


The thermostat in an air conditioner helps retain the temperature of the cool air and the heat in the system. Subsequently, you can set it manually apart from the auto feature.

Factors To Consider

Cooling Capacity

One of the factors to consider is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. The BTU – British Thermal Unit lets you know the cooling capacity. More so, to know what right capacity you must get, you must consider the size of the room.

Hence, you will not have any form of complaint about the air conditioner not working when you have an air conditioner with less capacity compared to how large the room is.

Energy Efficiency

Another important factor to consider is the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. You will want to avoid any issues where your electricity bill will be so high, leading to unexpected and extra expenses.

Also, it is suitable and advisable to get an air conditioner that is energy starred to be sure that you are not getting a product that will lead to your frustration due to the extra power it uses.

Installation And Maintenance

Going further, installing the air conditioner in the wrong way can limit its performance and functionality of the air conditioner. Therefore, if you cannot install them yourself, it is advisable to get a professional person to do so.

More so, it is important that you know what it would take and require to maintain the air conditioner. Again, you must always follow the instruction manual to maintain the air conditioner to avoid any form of damage.

Cooling Speed

Subsequently, the cooling speed is another factor to consider when purchasing an air conditioner. One of the things that can lead to a high electricity bill is the speed and level of temperature.

However, the thermostat allows you to set the temperature by either increasing or reducing it so that you can always increase or reduce the speed to avoid a high electricity bill.


Finally, we have the price as the last factor to consider. ACS comes in different brands, sizes, capacities, and features. Therefore, their price range differs.

Moreover, the price of the AC you are getting depends on all of these things. First, you should have checked the features and made a comparison, and when you have found just one, you can always compare it with your budget.

But, it is best to choose quality over budget if it is not so high than your budget. Thus, you will not have any form of regret after purchasing based on budget to find out that the one you left has more quality.

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Best 18000 BTU Air Conditioner: Specification And Comparison Table

ProductsDimensionsItem WeightsVoltagePower SourceBrand
OLMO Alpic 18000 BTU Ductless Air Conditioner‎41 x 19 x 37
‎129.7 pounds‎230 VoltsCorded ElectricOLMO
DELLA 18000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner‎37 x 8.82 x 12.44 inches‎26.5
230 Volts‎Corded ElectricDELLA
LG 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner26.22 x 25.89 x 17.72 inches110.2 pounds230 VoltsN/ALG
Pioneer Air Conditioner38 x 8.5 x 12.5
230 VoltsN/APioneer
Senville LETO Series Air Conditioner48 x 40 x 40
220 VoltsN/ASenville
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5. OLMO Alpic 18000 BTU Ductless Air Conditioner


The “OLMO Alpic 18000 BTU Ductless Air Conditioner” is the 5th of my Best 18000 BTU Air Conditioners.

This air conditioner is a type of AC that does both cooling and heating of the environment. More so, while functioning, the air conditioner is very quiet, so it makes your sleep very convenient without disturbance.

However, to install this air conditioner, you must get a professional to prevent improper installation that will limit the performance of the AC. Additionally, the AC features a LED display, a self-diagnosis that will detect when the AC is faulty, a pre-heating mode, and a sleep mode that allows the AC to go off automatically when it is not in use.

Also, it features a defrost mode that helps to de-freeze the coil covered in ice when the outdoor unit is so cold for better functioning of the air conditioning. Again, it carries much weight, and it is a manageable size.

Finally, the compressor features a 5 years warranty. In contrast, the parts feature a 2-years limited warranty.


  • Multi-functionality.
  • Additional features.
  • Auto-sleep mode.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • It has weight.
  • Difficult to install.
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