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Best Solar Christmas Lights

Are you looking for the Best Solar Christmas Lights that are energy-efficient and power-saving? Read on to find out all the information needed to get one.

You might also want to purchase a Christmas light to light up your home, business, or anywhere else. However, these Christmas lights sometimes consume unnecessary energy; hence, the reason for solar Christmas lights.

If you want to enhance your festive outdoor game, start with outdoor Christmas lights. You may tie them to trees, windows, shrubs, or any other area of your house that needs brightening and nice light.

While conventional Christmas lights are excellent for adorning your Christmas tree, they need you to connect them to electricity, which isn’t available to everybody outside.

Furthermore, nobody wants to run an incredibly lengthy extension line from inside to outside merely to turn on the lights. This is why solar Christmas lights are indeed a terrific choice. Also, they will save you money on your power bill.

Solar Christmas lights are Christmas lights that are powered by a tiny solar panel. The panel, roughly the size of a hockey puck, recharges batteries that power a 25- to 100-bulb row of LED lights.

You won’t need an extension cable with solar-powered lights. Instead, your lights are connected to a tiny solar panel, which harnesses the sun’s energy during the day to recharge an attached, rechargeable battery. Then, a light sensor uses the battery to switch on your solar lights when the sun goes down.

Most people use LEDs in solar lights instead of incandescent lights. LEDs are somewhat less bright than typical incandescents, but they are significantly more power-saving and can operate on a few hours of saved sunshine.

5 Best Solar Christmas Lights: Features/Factors To Consider

Features To Consider


Generally, the more LED lights per set, the longer the light string. Shorter sets are ideal for decorating doors and windows. However, the longest choice offered may be preferable if you’re adorning trees or bushes. Most manufacturers provide light multipacks or varied length choices.

IP Classification

Outdoor lights must resist the weather, and an IP classification will tell you how long they will endure. An IP rating is a proper standard that measures how well electrical equipment is protected against external waste, such as dirt and water.

Each rating is written as IPXX, in which the first “X” stands for solids and the second “X” stands for liquids. The greater the number, the greater the resistance to that thing.

The number for solids increases to 6, and the numbers for liquids increase to 9. For outdoor toughness built to survive winter weather, look for lights with IP65 certifications.

Lights On Each Thread

Aside from length, the quantity of lights per strand determines how much light (and colors, if using colored lights) is added to an area. The more lights each strand has, the brighter the exterior of your house or other areas of your property that you are attempting to adorn.

The number of lights per strand will most likely be equivalent to the length of the solar Christmas light string, but it is worth double-checking to ensure you are not getting a thin string of lights.

Factors To Consider


While most solar lights have a comparable variety of modes, a few do not. If you want to spice up your décor, look into the flashing or pulsating options.

Working Time

A lengthy work hour which is how long the light will remain on after receiving a full charge, is desired. Nothing is more frustrating than putting up beautiful decorations only to have them fail prematurely. If you want it to last all night, look for a work time of 8 to 10 hours.

5 Best Solar Christmas Lights: Recommendations And Specifications

ProductsWeightProduct’s DimensionBatteriesManufacturerVoltage/Wattage
JMEXSUSS 2 Pack Solar Christmas Lights2.2 pounds‎7.87 x 5.51 x 3.94 inches‎1 AA batteries required. (included)‎JMEXSUSS3 watts
BHCLIGHT Solar Christmas String Lights10.8 ounces‎5.28 x 4.84 x 3.62 inches‎1 AA battery‎Seatoplighting‎3 Volts
AMIR Upgraded Solar Christmas String Lights5.6 ounces4.72 x 2.76 x 4.72 inches‎1 Lithium Ion battery is required. (included)AMIR1.2 Volts
Brightown Outdoor Solar Christmas String Lights10.9 ounces‎5 x 3.86 x 3.86 inches 4 AA Batteries‎BrightownLess than 3.7 volts
Joomer Solar Christmas Lights8.1 ounces‎5.94 x 2.99 x 2.32 inchesRechargeable 1.2V Ni-MH batteryJoomerN/A

JMEXSUSS 2 Pack Solar Christmas Lights

JMEXSUSS 2 Pack Solar Christmas Lights

The 5th best in this list of the 5 best solar Christmas lights is the JMEXSUSS 2 Pack Solar Christmas Lights.

This product has eight different modes. Other flashing modes are displayed circularly in 1 combination mode (the initial mode). The other seven modes are fixed; use the button to explore and halt at the option you like.

Furthermore, it has a designed memory chip that stores your most recent mode setting. Hence, you no longer need to change the mode each day.

Also, 8-12 hours of recharging in the sun allow for 8 hours of automated work in the dark. Even more, it has an extra-large solar panel with grounded pegs, making it simple to identify a charging location.

75.5-foot-long string lights, ideal for winding around a tree or highlighting any surface. It offers a pleasant, happy, and festive mood for beautiful passages, courtyards, patios, lawns, landscapes, gates, porches, rooftops, and Christmas, wedding, holiday, and party decorations, among other things.

This outdoor Christmas light is weather resistant (IP44), even in severe rain and snow. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use (Do not soak). Tolerate heat. The insulating copper cable keeps the lights cool enough to touch even after several hours of operation. Low energy usage and good safety!

Their constant objective is to produce better products and suit more demands. They are confident in the long-term viability of our products. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you have questions about this solar Christmas light outdoor waterproof.

Furthermore, they will do their utmost to deal with it and will not allow you to suffer any losses due to quality difficulties.


  • This device is simple to set up.
  •  Also, it is simple to use.
  •  Furthermore, it is durable.
  •  It is waterproof.
  •  Even more, it is very flexible.
  •  In the dark, it still has 8 hours of automated labor.


  • The wire is a thin material.

BHCLIGHT Solar Christmas String Lights

BHCLIGHT Solar Christmas String Lights
Image from amazon

Making it to this list as the 4th best solar Christmas light is the BHCLIGHT Solar Christmas String Lights.

Features an attractive design with a big 1200mAh battery. Upgraded Larger LED Beads and an Extremely Bright Total of 200 LED. 8 lighting modes, memory function, auto on/off, and IP65 water resistance.

This thread light is solar-powered, so there is no need for energy. Simply position the solar panel in a sunny location, which will charge it during the day and illuminate it at night.

These twinkling lights contain an on/off switch and a mode switch. You may choose from eight different settings to meet your various demands by pushing the mode button. Furthermore, the built-in memory chip retains your last mode setting, eliminating the need to reset it.

Ideal for house décor, event decor, bridal decorations, Christmas decorations, terraces, lawns, yards, gates, porches, trees, roofs, and other similar applications.

They take pride in providing excellent service to all of our clients. If there are any questions, please contact them through your order, and they shall provide you with expert pre-sale and after-sale assistance within 24 hours.


  • It has effective customer service.
  • Furthermore, this advice comes with 8 Lighting Modes with Memory.
  • Solar-powered with automatic on/off.


  • Not available.

AMIR Upgraded Solar Christmas String Lights

AMIR Upgraded Solar Christmas String Lights

Making it to this list of the 5 best solar Christmas lights is the AMIR Upgraded Solar Christmas String Lights.

100 Super Bright LED lights on 33ft of high-grade copper wire shine in all directions with a consistent 360-degree viewing angle. Perfect for adorning your greenhouses, patio, gate, yard, wedding, or party, among other things.

The solar-powered outdoor lighting (low voltage, no transformer included) is easy to store and ready for next use since they are made of thin and flexible copper wire wrapped using a bobbin winder to avoid a mess. It is also environmentally friendly, has a high conversion of energy rate, is long-lasting, and is safe to use.

When you switch on the light in the dark, it automatically turns on and off during the day. The solar panel is movable, and the battery is rechargeable. If the panel collects enough sunlight during the day, it can operate continuously for more than 8 hours at night.

They are lengthy and simple to install in any location that requires illumination. As a result, you may be confident that you can adorn your area in time for the holiday season or other special events.

When it comes to lighting, you shouldn’t be concerned about another problematic installation on any particular day or holiday. The lights are malleable and flexible enough to form them into whatever shape you choose, such as a reindeer.

The 33ft copper wire string lights also have a 360-degree viewing angle, illuminating all directions. As a result, you would have greater freedom in designing a place.

Finally, I appreciated that they are both safe to use and easy to install, as verified by CE ROHS.


  • This product is brighter than any other in the same category.
  • Further, it is made of malleable copper wiring and is easy to form.
  • Even more, it is a solar décor for all outdoor areas.
  • Moreover, it is ideal for any special event or holiday.
  • Waterproof and insulated.


  • A few reports of faulty batteries have been received.
  • Also, it is shorter and with a smaller number of LEDs

Brightown Outdoor Solar Christmas String Lights

Brightown Outdoor Solar Christmas String Lights
Amazon image

The second best solar Christmas light in this list of 5 best Christmas lights is the Brightown Outdoor Solar Christmas String Lights.

2 pack 33ft long string with 100 led lights, with a constant 360-degree viewing angle that illuminates all directions. LED string lights give a multicolor effect that adds a celebratory touch to various settings, including inside and outdoors, lamp boxes, porches, gardens, yards, patios, balconies, and more.

Beautiful, bright, and dazzling lighting modes such as mixture, waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady-on are excellent for generating a variety of artistic atmospheres in your setting. Decorate any place without the need for hazardous extension cables.

It is useful without a battery or energy due to the factory-supplied smart and adaptable solar panel and the integrated rechargeable battery. This solar-powered light will turn on remotely at night and off during the day, lasting up to 8 to 10 hours after a full charge.

These solar string lights are built to withstand every weather condition, including rain, sun, and snow. Because all the parts are IP65 waterproof, it is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use without fear of fault currents or weather damage (it cannot be submerged in water).

The bendable and shapable copper wire may be correctly twisted and shaped to the designs you choose or wrapped around foliage, plants, flowers, and shrubs, and it comes with a gift box, making it a fantastic gift for a friend or yourself.


  • It gives your home a magical touch.
  • You can recharge it.
  • Additionally, it is waterproof.
  • It is also long-lasting.
  • It is also adaptable.


  • The lighting is dim.

Joomer Solar Christmas Lights

Joomer Solar Christmas Lights
Image from

Making it to this list as the best of the 5 best solar Christmas lights is the Joomer Solar Christmas Lights.

Solar energy source, no additional utility power costs, and no battery replacement required. The white solar Christmas lights are controlled by a light sensor, which allows them to charge throughout the day and turn on automatically at night.

These white solar string lights feature an On/Off switch and a mode button; pressing the mode button chooses one of eight distinct settings to meet your various demands.

The solar Christmas lights can endure all weather conditions (IP65), especially heavy rain and snow, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor displays. In addition, the built-in memory chip retains your last mode setting, so you don’t have to change mode each day.

Solar panel with ground anchor and 39ft long rope is ideal for hanging around a tree or lighting your garden, patio, grass, porch, gate, yard, and so on. The wire (lead cable) connecting the first LED light and the solar panel is approximately 6.5ft long, allowing you to set the panel in an appropriate location.

Solar fairy lights are an excellent alternative for Christmas, weddings, holidays, gardens, yards, lawns, fences, porches, trees, roofs, and decks, among other things.

The Joomer solar Christmas lights resemble regular strings of Christmas lights, with little lights tightly packed onto the thread. These lights are ideal for adorning exterior trees or shrubs and come in various colors to allow your decorating imagination to go wild.


  • The long length allows you to wrap it around several objects.
  • Further, it has a light sensor that switches lights on and off according to the time of day and night.
  • Also, it is simple to set up.
  • Longevity.
  • Furthermore, it has a good value for the money.
  • Additionally, there are eight distinct illumination settings.
  • It’s quite convenient.
  • The built-in Memory chip remembers your last mode setting, eliminating the need to change mode daily.
  • Auto ON/OFF and simple installation.


  • Not available.

5 Best Solar Christmas Lights: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Most Durable Outdoor Christmas Lights?

LED lights are often regarded as the most durable outdoor Christmas lights. They use much less energy, burn out more slowly, and stay chilly to the touch, rendering them less combustible. Multicolor LED lights will also not fade as rapidly in the sun as incandescent lights.

2. Are Solar Christmas Lights Any Good?

Solar Christmas lights are an excellent method to conserve energy while beautifying your house for the holidays. Solar Christmas lights recharge throughout the day and turn on remotely at night, eliminating the need to turn them on and off daily.

3. Do Solar Christmas Lights Work In Winter?

Winter solar lights perform flawlessly even in snow and ice conditions as long as they receive enough sunshine daily to charge fully.

4. What Christmas Lights Do The Professionals Use?

Because of their remarkable endurance, industrial LED light strings with co-axial connectors have become one of the most preferred varieties of industrial Christmas lights among expert installers.

5. Which Outdoor Solar Lights Last Longest?

The bulb kind. 
Although other types of lightbulbs are available, LED lightbulbs are the best choice for solar illumination. They are both energy-efficient and visible. They are long-lasting and have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, enabling them to run without maintenance.

5 Best Solar Christmas Lights: My Final Thought

That’s all there is to know about the finest solar string lights, which are both inventive and dependable in their ability to provide us with ornamental and heavy-duty lighting for our trees, walls, balconies, Christmas trees, and other things and places.

To identify the best among them, utilize our purchasing guide, which includes the top selections, each with pros and disadvantages, and a comprehensive list and explanation of the criteria to examine when comparing alternatives.

Be patient and study while considering alternatives and searching for string lights. Then, consult our guide and choose yours immediately!

In addition, based on my study, I chose the “Joomer Solar Christmas Lights” as my finest solar Christmas lights. However, the rest are still as effective.

I hope you found this 5 Best Solar Torch Lights buying guide helpful.

If you found the guide helpful, kindly review this buying guide with the “Leave a Reply” form found at the end of this page.

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