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This Powerversity buying guide will ensure to give accurate and valid details on the best circuit breaker finders on the market.

As a result, I implore you to remain cool, sit back, get a snack, and go through every corner of this page. This will ensure that you do not miss any information.

For better understanding and clarification, I will be dividing this guide into sections.

To begin with, I will give an overview of the best circuit breaker finders. Here, you will understand what it is and how it works.

In addition, I will explain further how a circuit breaker itself works. Then, you will see the need for a circuit breaker finder and how much ease it will bring to you.

Next, I will ensure to provide you with accurate features. Notwithstanding, you will also find out the factors to consider before and while purchasing your circuit breaker finder.

Thus, you will have an idea of what to check and note to get the right circuit breaker finder.

Going further, I will present a tabular representation stating the specifications and comparison of the selected circuit breaker finders. However, it will be in descending order.

In continuation, I will give short details on each of these products alongside the pros and cons. Then, I will give answers to some frequently asked questions about circuit breaker finder.

Finally, I will give my final thoughts on the best circuit.

Best Circuit Breaker Finder: Overview

First, a circuit breaker is a safety device that stands as a barrier between high-voltage of electric flow and electrical equipment and appliances.

Hence, a circuit breaker finder is a device that helps in detecting blown circuit breakers. Interestingly, two parts of circuit breaker finders work together to achieve their goal – the transmitter and the receiver.

Just like the words “transmitter”, it is plugged into a socket that collects sensations from wires, then sends or transmits a signal to the receiver.

In other words, the receiver receives this signal and beeps or flashes as a sign that the circuit breaker is found. However, just as the transmitter is plugged into the socket, the receiver uses a battery to function.

Now you might be very curious to know how it works and how the receiver receives a signal. Let’s dig into it

Best Circuit Breaker Finder: How Circuit Breaker Works

First, you have to install the battery into the receiver, then plug the transmitter into a socket.

Next, you must ensure that they are both ready to work. To ensure this, place the receiver close to the transmitter, and when it beeps, it has received the signal and is ready to function.

Afterward, you take your receiver to the circuit box and move around till it receives the signal, Boom!!! you have found your circuit breaker.

Now let us see how many types of capacities circuit breakers have and why.

These capacities include low-voltage, medium-voltage, and high-voltage circuit breakers.

The low voltage is mostly used for smaller homes. It is able to interrupt and measure up to 1000 AMPS.

However, the medium is for larger properties, like a full apartment. Finally, high voltage is mostly used in places that use more than 73000 AMPS or even at power lines.

To read more on this, please visit Best Circuit Breaker

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Circuit Breaker Finder

There are several things to look out for before buying your circuit breaker finder. I will be explaining them in this section.

Voltage Rating

The voltage rating is one of the most significant elements to consider. One of the consequences of calculating the incorrect voltage rating is a high likelihood of blown fuses that might spread throughout the home – No one wants that.

Therefore, you need the right type, size, and featured circuit breaker finder. However, getting the right finder depends on the size of the environment and how much electricity is being used.

For example, an 8-gauge wire will be needing a 40amp circuit breaker which will determine what type of circuit breaker finder it will need as well.

UL Certification

Another important factor to consider is the UL certification of the circuit breaker finder. This is one of the oldest safety certification companies.

They certify items and facilities in accordance with the company’s standards. As a result, it is critical to look for a UL certificate in order to obtain an acceptable circuit breaker finder that will not harm your circuit breaker.

Also, this is very important to prevent any form of damage like shocks, burns, sparks that can lead to fire, and the like.


In addition, we have functioned as additional considerations when selecting a circuit breaker finder.

First, be sure your circuit breaker finder has the features you want as well as accessories that fit your circuit breaker’s capacity.


Finally, consider the cost of both the circuit breaker and its finder. It is critical that you examine the quality and importance of the device.

However, there are still high-quality goods available within your price range. Furthermore, extra caution should be exercised while making payments.

Hence, some of these items have fewer qualities of what you want but are pricey. However, some others have inexpensive pricing while still delivering the required features and functionality.

6 Best Circuit Breaker Finders: Specification And Comparison Table

ProductsDimensionsItem WeightsVoltageMaterialBrands
Sperry Circuit Breaker Finder‎6.3 x 3.4 x 1.3
Plastic‎A.W. Sperry
Extech Circuit Breaker Finder10.1 x 5.4 x 1.5
Klein Tools ET300 Circuit Breaker Finder3.2
Klein Tools
Sperry STK001 Circuit Breaker Finder2 x 6 x 9
Gardner Bender
Klein Tools 80016 Circuit Breaker Finder15 x 10 x 3
 Klein Tools

5Best Circuit Breaker Finder: Sperry Circuit Breaker Finder


The “Sperry Circuit Breaker Finder” is the 5th of my 5 Best Circuit Breaker Finders.

First, this circuit breaker finer is quite easy to understand and operate. More so, it ensures to easily identify and track the location of the current flow and it is as well safe to use.

Furthermore, it is very sensitive and very safe to use because it takes action automatically when it notices a heavy flow in the current. Interestingly, it does not have to cut in the power while using it.

Included in the kit are a plug-style transmitter that you can attach to a socket and an automated sensitive receiver that sends a signal when it detects a circuit breaker.

Subsequently, both the transmitter and receiver are designed to act on light as a signal.

Also, it is made of a plastic material and it is safe to prevent any form of accident due to the flow of electricity. However, you should be careful not to put it close to a fire or hot area that could melt it down.

Notwithstanding, it is using a battery to operate, thus, you must ensure to charge fully the battery before use and after use. Finally, it features a 1-year limited warranty.


  • It is easy and safe to use.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Material.
  • Warranty.


  • No instruction or manual.

4Best Circuit Breaker Finder: Extech Circuit Breaker Finder

The “Extech Circuit Breaker Finder” is the 4th of my 5 Best Circuit Breaker Finders.

This circuit breaker finder is able to effectively and with fast effect locate and find circuit breakers of about 110 volts. Also, it includes the transmitter and receiver, the transmitter is designed in a plug-type style that allows you to plug it into the socket while the receiver is moved around the circuit box to locate the circuit breaker.

Meanwhile, while you move the receiver around, once it senses the circuit breaker it delivers to the transmitter that the circuit breaker is found and they both give signals with alerting light. However, the two lights indicate different things and give different signals.

The lights are red and green – the red is simply to indicate a fault while the green is to indicate that a circuit breaker is found. More so, these lights are very easy to see, meaning even an aged person can use this easily.

Finally, it features a 2-years warranty.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It works fast.
  • Design.
  • Alerting lights.
  • Warranty.


  • The battery is not easy to remove.
  • It is too sensitive.

3Best Circuit Breaker Finder: Klein Tools ET300 Circuit Breaker Finder

Image from amazon

The “Klein Tools ET300 Circuit Breaker Finder” is the 3rd of my 5 Best Circuit Breaker Finders.

This circuit breaker finder works well when it comes to searching for a circuit breaker of about 120 volts and it does this very fast and accurately. This circuit breaker finder set includes the transmitter and receiver.

Moving forward, the transmitter is plugged into a socket and the receiver is moved around the circuit block till it senses the circuit breaker and gives a signal with an alerting light. Not only does the receiver give a signal after sensing the circuit breaker but the transmitter does as well.

Nevertheless, it is quite important to note that this set uses a battery to function and so it is important and required that you charge the battery before and after use. Moreover, the set features an auto power-off that ensures to put the circuit breaker finder off when it is not in use to save the battery life.

Finally, it includes a pocket-size adapter and a clip assembly.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Instruction guide.
  • Alerting signal.
  • It saves time.


  • No stated warranty.
  • Too sensitive and turns on without the case.

2Best Circuit Breaker Finder: Sperry STK001 Circuit Breaker Finder

The “Sperry STK001 Circuit Breaker Finder” is the 2nd of my 5 Best Circuit Breaker Finders.

First, this circuit breakage set ensures to confirm if there is voltage around where you place the receiver and transmitter. Interestingly, it is covered in plastic as well as a rubber-like material that allows you to firmly hold on to the circuit breaker finder.

More so, the circuit breaker finder features a visible alerting light that shows up on both the transmitter and receiver when the receiver senses a circuit breaker for easy location. Subsequently, it uses the battery to function, hence, it is a battery-powered set.

Therefore, it is very important that you charge the battery before and after use. Not only does it indicate lights but beeps as well for fast recognition, therefore, it is easy to operate even by an aged person.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Alerting lights.
  • Design.
  • Material.


  • No stated warranty.

1Best Circuit Breaker Finder: Klein Tools 80016 Circuit Breaker Finder

Amazon Image

The “Klein Tools 80016 Circuit Breaker Finder” is the 1st of my 5 Best Circuit Breaker Finders.

This Klein circuit breaker finder tool ensures that the circuit breaker is located faster and more easily. This set includes a transmitter, receiver, and a standard 3-pron and 2-prong adapter.

Just like other circuit breaker finders, this also helps to locate the circuit breaker either in your home, work, or company. However, before using it, it is advisable and important that you test it, if it works fine then you are good to go.

First, you plug the transmitter into a socket while you move the receiver around the circuit block till it senses the circuit breaker. When it does, both the transmitter and receiver give a signal using both a light and a beep for easy identification.

More so, it indicates using two lights that signify different reasons, the first one is red which signifies a fault while the green signifies the circuit breaker is found. Importantly and finally, the circuit breaker finder works well and fast and easily find a circuit of about 90-120 volts.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It works fast.
  • Also, it comes with everything you need for a setup.
  • It is as well safe to use.


  • No stated warranty.

Best Circuit Breaker Finder: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does A Circuit Breaker Finder Do?

A circuit breaker finder is a battery-powered device that assists in locating the circuit breaker in the home or at your workplace as well as a factory with a large electricity flow. It also works using two parts called the transmitter and receiver.

2. How Do You Trace Circuit Breakers?

First, it is important to confirm if the battery is well charged. Next, you plug the transmitter into a socket and rotate the receiver up and down till it senses the circuit breaker and gives a signal.

3. How Do You Trace Circuit Breakers Without Power?

First, even a circuit breaker finder uses electricity and a battery to function and it is to track an electrical device which is the circuit breaker. Therefore, it cannot work without power.

4. Do Circuit Breakers Automatically Turn On?

The automated electric power on and off functions in conjunction with circuit breakers. As a result, when there is electricity, it also turns on, and when there is a power loss, it also turns off.

5. What Are The Three Types Of Breakers?

They are the standard, GFCI – ground fault circuit interrupter, and AFCI – arc fault circuit interrupter.

Best Circuit Breaker Finder: My Final Thoughts

Above are my 5 Best Circuit Breaker Finders with their specifications, pros, and cons. Thus, I trust that with these posts, you can decide which of the Best circuit breaker finders you will love to get.

However, based on my research, I have picked the “Klein Tools 80016 Circuit Breaker Finder” as my overall best circuit breaker finder.

More so, it came with its full and complete setup kit and very effective.

I really hope you found our buying guide for the 5 Best Circuit Breaker Finder useful.

Please review this buying guide using the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of this page if you found it useful.

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