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5 Best Portable Generators

Are you in need of a buying guide for the best portable generator? Then, you only need to read this post to get the 5 best portable generators.

But I’ll divide this post up into several sections for clarity. This is done in order to help you better grasp each step in this essay.

I’ll start by outlining the topic in straightforward terms: portable generators. You will become familiar with the definition of a portable generator here.

I’ll go on to talk about how a portable generator works and how to use one when you eventually get one for yourself.

I’ll go over the features and things to be mindful of while purchasing a portable generator in the section that follows. You can discover here some things to consider before purchasing a portable generator.

Next, along with their characteristics, I’ll provide a tabular recommendation of my 5 best portable generators. I’ll go over each of the five best choices’ various specifications in this section.

In addition, I’ll continue with my product review. I will go over my 5 best portable generators in detail in this part, ranking them from lowest to highest.

Accordingly, I will begin my assessment with the fifth-best portable generator and work my way up to the overall best. I’ll also include the benefits and drawbacks of every product I review.

I’ll be responding to some frequently raised questions regarding portable generators. You should thus carefully read this part since it may address the queries you had in mind.

I’ll offer my final opinions on the top 5 portable generators in the last part.

Thus, to learn the juicy and significant details regarding a portable generator, I strongly advise you to read this text from beginning to end.

5 Best Portable Generators: An Overview

Portable generators are dependable power sources that are compact and simple to operate, providing steady power and performance regardless of the work at hand.

Furthermore, portable generators create energy by driving a gas-powered engine, which powers an onboard alternator.

Finally, you can plug some extension cables, equipment, and appliances into the unit’s electrical outlet.

Generally, the more outlet choices there are, the more efficient the generator is.

Portable generators, unlike standby generators, are not permanently fixed, may be readily transported from location to location, and must be personally started.

Furthermore, they grade these generators according to the quantity of energy they produce and measure in watts.

Generally, the higher the wattage, the more objects you can charge. Running watts and beginning watts are the two types of watts:

Running watts are the constant watts generated to keep things running.

Starting watts are the additional electricity required to start up big engine appliances or numerous products.

Since a portable generator generates energy using a combustion engine, it must have many regulators on board.

To create the usual 60-Hz alternating electricity used in most houses, the engine must revolve at 3600 rpm.

A generator employs a ‘governor,’ which mechanically prevents the motor from rotating too quickly.

A charge controller also maintains the output voltage at 120 volts, which prevents electric motors from overheating.

These gadgets must be utilized in a ventilated, open place under dry circumstances for safety reasons.

However, because carbon monoxide emissions can accumulate from the generator’s exhaust, indoor usage is strongly advised, irrespective of the ventilation system.

Wet hands touching a functioning portable generator might result in electrocution.

You can erect a cover to shield the generator from the weather, but the ground beneath it must be dry.

5 Best Portable Generators: Features/Factors To Consider

Features To Consider

CO Shutoff on Autopilot

If a constructed CO sensor observes dangerous gas levels rising to a specific threshold, this important safety feature immediately shuts off a generator’s engine.

To be included on our list of CR recommended generators, a portable generator must have this function and pass CR’s safety checks.

This technology is now available from more companies, including heavyweights like Generac, Honda, and Ryobi.

Marketers may use words like “CO Guard,” “CO Protect,” “CO Detect,” “CO Shield,” or “CO Sense.”

Fuel Tank Capacity

The larger the gasoline capacity, the longer the generator can work without refilling. That is self-evident.

Most generators feature a fuel tank that can last 7-9 hours at 50% load.

You will run longer if you utilize a smaller proportion of the supplied energy and less if you use a higher percentage. If I had to choose between a smaller or bigger tank, I’d go with the larger one.

Keep in mind that it will be heavier with a full fuel tank. Plastic and gas fuel tanks are also available.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, and we have both.

Generally, I like plastic since it does not rust (thanks again, ethanol). However, that is not a deal-breaker for me.

Factors To Consider

Understand Your Power Priorities

Generators are marketed based on their power output, measured in watts.

The amount of electricity they supply dictates how many appliances and gadgets you can operate at once; a normal house will require around 5,000 watts.

The distribution and quality of electricity influence how well they will perform.

When a generator with higher production suffers from poor grid supply or quality, it may stop or trip a circuit.

Begin by compiling a list of everything you don’t want to be without while the power is off, then sum up the wattages to obtain an estimated figure.

How Frequently Do You Want To Use It

Most generators come with a consumer warranty that covers you for multiple years.

Any good brand will suffice for emergency or recreational usage.

If you have a team that requires a generator almost daily, you’ll be better off shopping for a version with a genuine commercial engine.

Not only will it fit better, but you’ll also most likely obtain a guarantee that lasts more than a year rather than just 90 days or 6 months.

The apparent disadvantage is that they are usually more expensive.

The Amount Of Electricity You Will Require From Your Portable Generator

The portable generator you select must have a minimum, rated and maximum output sufficient for the application on your job site.

Rated output is the watts a generator can generate continuously, whereas the maximum output is the wattage a generator can produce, however short.

To establish your mobile generator’s rated and maximum output, add the wattage of all the devices you’ll be placing into the gen set.

Next, you must determine the power necessary to start each piece of equipment and the power required to operate the equipment.

Clean Energy

Tier 4 Final standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on diesel engine emissions are designed to limit pollutants detrimental to the environment and human health.

These restrictions apply to diesel generators used as the primary power source on a building site.

Therefore, seek a manufacturer or provider with a range of Tier 4 certified generators.

Noise Level

Another thing to consider is how noisy your portable generator set may be. Some business and residential locations have rigorous noise control restrictions that you must follow.

The industry standard for generator sound level is around 70 dB(A), detected at 23 feet.

Most generators fulfill this criterion. However, depending on your job site’s location or use, you may need a generator with extra sound suppression (sound reduction).

The more sound suppression you need, the more expensive your generator set will be.

However, your supplier may assist you in determining the degree of sound attenuation you require. will earn a tiny commission if you purchase a product from one of the links in this article. This enables us to keep the lights on, but it does not impact the price you pay. Visit our Affiliate Disclosure page for more details.

5 Best Portable Generators: Table Of Recommendations And Specifications

ProductWeightProduct”s DimensionOutput WattageFuel TypePower Source
WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator 105.8 Pounds23.2″L x 17.5″W x 18.5″H4750 wattsGasoline, Liquefied Petroleum GasDual Fuel
DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator94 Pounds23″L x 17″W x 18″H4000 wattsGasolineGas Powered
Westinghouse 4650 Watt Portable Generator98.8 pounds23.3″L x 17.5″W x 18.7″H4650 WattsGasolineGasoline
DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Portable Generator142 Pounds25″L x 22″W x 22″H5500 WattsDual FuelGas
Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator199.6 pounds27.2″L x 26.1″W x 26.5″H12500 wattsGasoline, Liquefied Petroleum GasGas Powered

WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator 

WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V 240V Portable Generator
image from amazon

Making it to this list of 5 best portable generators as the 5th position is the WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator.

With just a simple turn of the selector dial, you may choose between petrol (4750 surge watts, 3800 operating or running watts) and Propane (4350 rush or surge, 3500 running).

Voltage quickly converts from 120V to 240V, making it ideal for the shift between switches and urgent backup.

With the touch of a key, an electric start drives the 224cc 4-stroke OHV engine. A 4-gallon tank allows up to 11 hours of half-load run time.

Two 120V GFCI outlets (5-20R), a NEMA 30A twisting lock (L14-30R), a 12V DC cigarette-lighter-style outlet, a gallon of oil, a wheel and grip kit, and a 47-inch LPG connection line are included.

Recall when you can use gasoline or Propane to power your generator.

WEN has been consistently lighting up homes since 1951, whether it’s giving your home energy during an emergency or recharging your family’s smartphones at the campsites.

You may now generate electricity from two sources with the WEN 4750-Watt Dual Fuel Electrical Start Generator.

Simply choose your favorite fuel, petrol or Propane, and start the generator with the electric start.

The wheel and handle kit simplifies transportation, and the accompanying 47-inch LPG line allows for rapid connection to gas tanks.

Simply put your transfer switch into the NEMA 30A twist lock for emergency power.

For an 11-hour half-load duration, fill the fuel tank with at least four gallons of fuel. It’s tough, sufficient for the job site, yet small enough to fit in a drawer.

And, as a WEN product, your generator is supported by a nationwide network of professional service experts, a helpful customer service phone line, and a two-year warranty.


  • More efficient than the majority of the dual fuel generators in the comparable budget range.
  • The fact that the WEN 4750 works on petrol and LPG propane is its most valuable feature.
  • Furthermore, this device is ideal for emergency scenarios since it can run for up to 18 hours at 50% load on both sources.
  • The WEN DF475 can go from 120V to 240V with the flip of a switch. This is especially useful when 2 distinct voltage supplies are required.
  • Also, you may utilize this dual-fuel generator everywhere in the globe.
  • OHV engine with air cooling
  • It has an electric starter.
  • Furthermore, it has overload and regulator protection.
  • Simple to use, carry, and store


  • There is no digital hour counter.
  • The propane regulator does not have a full/empty gauge.

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator
amazon image

Making it to this list as the 4th best in this buying guide of 5 best portable generators is the DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator.

Featuring 4,000 peak watts and 3,300 running watts, this device can handle large loads, from lamps and a freezer to a home air conditioning unit and high amperage power equipment.

The DuroStar 208cc OHV engine has enough power to run everything from large electrical appliances to heavy-duty power equipment.

Furthermore, you can now safeguard your property by automatically turning off the generator when the oil level is low.

The power panel comprises two 120V home outlets and one 120V 30A twist lock outlet for optimal compatibility with your applications. A voltmeter is also included on the panel for checking voltage output.

All DuroStar generators are approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board).

In addition, they adhere to stringent requirements to guarantee that their generators are as ecologically friendly as possible.

This tough workhorse is suitable for various applications, from surviving an outage to running your RV on a camping vacation.


  • A low-emission engine.
  • It has a long-lasting design.
  • Provides consistent electricity supply.
  • Also, it includes a spark arrestor.
  • Furthermore, it is very simple to use.
  • It comes at a reasonable cost.
  • Lastly, it comes with a 3-Year Residential Limited Factory Warranty, a 1-Year Commercial Limited Factory Warranty, and 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • It’s a little hefty and bulky in weight and size.
  • The noise level is a little on the high side.
  • Also, it lacks inverter technology.

Westinghouse 4650 Watt Portable Generator

Westinghouse 4650 Watt Portable Generator

The third best on this list of 5 best portable generators is the Westinghouse 4650 Watt Portable Generator.

This Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator is a handy generator that can keep you powered up when traveling or at home during a power outage.

Featuring a Four gallon (15 L) petrol fuel tank and 4,650 peak watts, and 3,600 operating watts, this generator can operate for up to 14 hours.

The WGen3600v is powered by a 212cc 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse engine with an iron sleeve intended for longevity, a built-in fuel gauge, and automatic low oil shutdown.

It has an RV Ready TT-30R 30A outlet that easily connects to your mobile home, maintaining the air conditioning unit and travel needs running all day, as well as an L5-30R outlet and domestic duplex outlets.

This device decreases slippage when carried without the installation of the wheel kit. Rubber outlet covers offer additional protection from the elements and harsh situations.

With directed yellow touchpoints and an intuitive control panel, the WGen3600v is straightforward.

The WGen3600v Portable Generator comes with a 3-year limited service, labor, and parts warranty, as well as Lifetime Technical Support from their nationwide Westinghouse customer care and support network.


  • Electric start-up via remote
  • Full-size house capacity
  • It has a warranty of 3 years.
  • It has a long running time.


  • Not available

DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Portable Generator

DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Portable Generator

Making it to this list of 5 best portable generators as the second position is the DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Portable Generator.

With a starting power of 5,500 watts and a running power of 4,500 watts, this device can handle heavy loads ranging from lamps and a freezer to a home air conditioning unit and high-voltage power tools.

This generator can run on gasoline or Propane, providing you the freedom and flexibility to choose your fuel. Shutdown Due to Low Oil

The DuroMax 224cc OHV engine has enough power to perform various tasks, from running large electrical devices to industrial-strength power equipment.

Get the most power out of each 120-volt receptacle. Choose between running the generator at both 120V and 240V simultaneously or at 120V only at maximum power.

Ideal for use with recreational vehicles.

This tough device is ideal for the workplace and is portable enough for picnics or camping.

The XP5500EH is a powerhouse that will keep you going home, on a camping trip, or on a business.

For optimal compatibility with your applications, the power panel features a variety of outlets, including (2) 120V home GFCI outlets and (1) 120/240V 30A twist lock plug.

In addition, a voltmeter and 12V DC charging connections are also included on the panel for charging external batteries.


  • This device comes with a 3-Year Residential Limited Factory Warranty, a 1-Year Commercial Limited Factory Warranty, and a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Electric start with a single button
  • Low-oil shutdown, as well as overload protection
  • The auto-idle function enables silent operation at 69 dB.


  • It has less run time.

Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator

Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator
image from

Coming into this list as the best itself and the 1st position on this buying guide for the 5 best portable generators is the Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator.

This portable generator has 9500 running watts and 12500 peak watts when using gasoline and 8500 Running Watts and 11200 Peak watts when using propane.

Furthermore, this generator has a remote start and also a key fob included in its package.

Also, It has both an electric and recoil start and a half-day running time by just utilizing 6 and a half gallons of fuel.

This device also features 2 GFCI 120V 5–20R Standard Household Receptacles, a transfer switch ready 120V L14-30R, and One RV Ready 120/240V 14–50R. All outlets have protective rubber casings for safety reasons.

Furthermore, this device is powered by a heavy-duty 457cc Westinghouse stroke OHV engine with a durable iron sleeve.

Even more, it has an automatic low oil shutdown and Digital Hour Meter. In addition, the VFT display provides real-time updates on power supply, frequency, and lifespan hours.

It includes a Wireless Start Key Fob, a 12V Battery Charger, Oil, an Oil Funnel, a Tool Kit, and a User’s Guide to get you started immediately (Minimal Assembly Required)

All Westinghouse Portable Generators are Factory Functionally Tested and May Contain Leftover Oil and/or Gas Smell; EPA and CARB Compliant; With a 3-year reduced coverage, labor, and parts warranty and a nationwide customer service network,


  • It has a higher output wattage than most portable generators.
  • Further, this generator is capable of running on both Propane and gasoline.
  • Also, it has a long running time.
  • You can start wirelessly by using a remote.
  • Even more, it saves your resources and runs effectively.
  • Lastly, it has a 3-year warranty.


  • Not available.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What Is The Best Time OF The Year To Buy Generators?

To minimize rush purchasing before, amid, and after severe weather occurrences, springtime or early fall are usually the ideal times to go generator shopping.

2. What Size Generator Is Needed To Run An Average House?

You Need A Generator That Can Run Between 5000-7500 watts.

3. Is It Cheaper To Run A Generator On Propane Or Gas?

Your gas is 40% of the price of your propane. Hence, gas is cheaper.

4. How Many Hours A Day Can You Run A Portable Generator?

Typically about 6-18 hours.

5. How Long Does A Portable Generator Normally Last?

If used properly, they can last for up to a decade.

5 Best Portable Generators: My Final Thoughts

This buying guide on the 5 best portable generators is very explanative and touches every aspect of everything you need to know before purchasing a portable generator.

Furthermore, They tend to minimize not only space but money and other resources. They are just a light version of your normal generators but are very effective.

In light of this, getting a portable generator isn’t a bad idea but a wise choice and a worthwhile investment.

You can learn all you require about purchasing one of the top 5 portable generators from this buying guide. The Westinghouse 12500 Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator is my favorite portable generator.

However, this doesn’t imply that the other items aren’t nice. They are highly efficient.

Please complete your transaction by clicking the “Buy Now On Amazon” button.

Additionally, there are just a few of each product left in stock. I thus implore you to seize this chance right away.

I hope this Powerversity buying guide meets your expectations. But, then, fill out the “Leave A Reply” form at the end of this article.

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