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5 Best 75 Inch TV Under $1500

Are you looking for a buying guide on the 5 Best 75-Inch TVs Under $1500? Welcome to the right page, which is full of the right information and very instructive.

In this Powerversity buying guide, you have access to every important piece of information on a 75-inch TV that is not too expensive but worth purchasing, as well as buttons for easy purchase of these TVs.

A 75-inch TV is the perfect size for a large living room, and it is advisable to sit at least 90 inches away from the TV for a better viewing experience and to avoid having eye issues from sitting close to the TV. However, it is too big for a small living room or bedroom.

A 75-inch TV comes with good quality features like a high-brightness, high-contrast LED panel, a smart OS (operating system), UHD, a digital process for picture and audio, support for HD TV component signal input, such as HDMI input, and more.

In this buying guide, I will give out the 5 best 75-inch TVs you can get with all of these features for under $1500. Nevertheless, I will explain the features better as I start this article.

However, I will divide this guide into sections for better clarification.

To start, I will explain the features and factors to consider when buying your 75-inch TV. Thus, you know exactly what to check for and why you should check for it when buying.

Next, there will be a tabular presentation of my 5 Best 75 Inch TVs Under $1500. Afterward, I will give important information on each of the products, along with their pros and cons.

Notwithstanding, I will give suitable and ideal answers to some frequently asked questions and then give my final thoughts.

Features / Factors To Consider When Buying A 75 Inch Tv Under $1500


One of the features of a 75-inch TV is that you can do more than just watch movies on it. With the upgraded technology in smart TVs, you can also stream live videos, listen to different kinds of music, download applications, play games, and much more on your 75-inch TV.

HDMI Ports

Smart TVs come with HDMI ports that allow you to connect a USB cord compatible with the TV to transfer files, kinds of music, movies, and the like for clear visuals.

Mobile And Remote Control

Another feature is that, apart from using the remote to control and access apps on your TV, you can also use your mobile phone to monitor and control your TV by downloading the app for the TV on your phone and connecting it to your TV.

Free Applications

Interestingly, apps come with all smart TVs now, such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and the like, for easy access to movies and shows of your preference.

Moreover, they do not come with all apps as expected, so there is an app store that allows you to download other apps you want. In addition, some of these TVs come with over a hundred free TV shows without payment or subscriptions.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a TV makes your viewing experience the best because it ensures that while you change channels, the movement of the images and objects does not become slow.

However, it is important to note that it must be compatible with your TV to work well and for better results.

Smart TVs have 60-Hz to 120-Hz refresh rates. This helps to calculate the speed at which the objects and images on the TV move.

Thus, it ensures that you do not have blurry movement of objects and images while changing the channels.

Moreso, it ensures great visuals while playing games and streaming live videos.

Size And Space

One of the factors to consider when buying your TV is the size. Is that TV too big for the room size, or will it affect the visuals of the people watching? Thus, you should ensure you get a 75-inch TV for a big room, not a small one or bedroom.

Also, it is important to check for space. The size of your room or where you want to place the TV is very important to check and compare with the TV size to be sure that it is the right size for the TV you are getting.


Another factor to consider is the sound quality of the TV. It will be frustrating if the sound of other things in the house overshadows the sound of the TV, especially if you are watching a special program and something else is disturbing what you are watching.

Therefore, checking the sound effects and quality before watching TV is important. However, if you do not mind the sound, then pick according to your preference.


Moving forward, always ensure your TV’s HDR is of good quality because this will determine the picture quality on your TV. Again, one of the benefits of an HDR is that even if the movie does not make the objects and images on the show very visible and of great quality, the HDR will provide light and color where needed.


Finally, you must find a TV that you can afford even with your budget, which is why it is very necessary that you check the cost of the TV you are getting and why we have decided to give a buying guide on 7-inch TVs under $1500.

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5 Best 75-Inch Under $1500: Specification And Comparison Table

ProductsDimensionItem WeightRefresh RateDisplay TechnologyBrand
TCL 75-Inch TV 3.4 x 66.2 x 38.1
Sony 75-Inch TV66.5 x 16.25 x 38.25
60 HzLEDSony
SAMSUNG 75-Inch TV13.4 x 66 x 39.6
SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal TV13.1 x 66 x 39.5 inches‎73.4
Amazon Fire TV65.9 x 38.2 x 3.0 inches62.2 
60 HzLEDAmazon Fire

5 Best 75-Inch TVs Under $1500: TCL 75-inch TV

TCL 75-inch TV

“TCL 75-inch TV” is the 5th of my 5 best 75-inch TV under $1500.

This TCL TV is a TV with 4K UHD that ensures clear visuals and a great quality appearance of your objects and images on your shows.

Additionally, even if the pictures and objects do not have sufficient brightness and color, the great dynamic range still gives them ample light and color.

It’s interesting to note that the built-in Google Assistant has a feature that allows voice control of the TV. Again, you may ask Google Assistant to search for your favorite movies.

Nevertheless, you can do more than watch or stream movies. You can also ask Google Assistant to help you play different kinds of music from your music playlist and request the latest sports score.

Moreso, you can choose your movies from over 500,000 shows on any of your favorite apps.

They also tend to take note of the types of movies you watch and give recommendations.

Furthermore, you can stream live shows on thousands of streaming apps.

Nevertheless, you can personalize each show for each family member to avoid your kids watching what is only meant for adults.

This TV also works with the internet, like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and others like Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI.

The USB and HDMI will allow you to transfer files, movies, and music to your TV from your device, like your mobile phone, laptop, and the like.

Additionally, it comes with apps like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Google TV, and YouTube.

Moreover, you can download other apps from the app store, but you should ensure they are compatible with the TV.

The packaging includes a power cable, a remote control, 2 remote control batteries, a stand, and an instruction guide/manual. Finally, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Multi functionalities.
  • Voice control.
  • HDMI and USB.
  • Streaming Apps.
  • It is not too expensive.
  • Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Poor sound quality.
  • You must purchase Amazon movies on your phone before watching them on TV.

5 Best 75-Inch TV Under $1500: Sony 75-inch TV

Sony 75-inch TV
image from amazon

“Sony 75-inch TV” is the 4th of my 5 best 75-inch TV under $1500.

The 4K HDR that comes with the TV ensures that the objects and images get a good quality visual that is clear and smooth for a better experience for both the young and the aged.

Also, it comes with an additional feature which is the TRILUMINOS PRO.

However, this additional feature ensures that the picture quality is close to a realistic, more natural, and precise view.

Moreso, the TV comes with streaming devices like Amazon, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney, the Apple TV app, and the like.

Subsequently, you can view, stream, and watch movies, pieces of music, and live shows on any of these apps.

Moreover, you can also download more apps from the app store that are compatible with the TV.

Again, the refresh rate ensures that the movement of the objects and images on the TV, while you change channels, is not blurry but moves adequately fast.

Interestingly, you do not always have to use the remote control to search for movies, apps, or pieces of music because it comes with an additional control feature: voice control.

Thus, you can search for apps, movies, or even channels and adjust volumes using your voice through Alexa.

The package comes with a stand, a remote control, and a power cable. Finally, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy setup.
  • Multi functionalities.
  • It is not too expensive.
  • Additional features.
  • Clear visuals.


  • The Google app is slow.
  • No internet connectivity.

5 Best 75 Inch TV Under $1500: SAMSUNG 75-Inch TV


“SAMSUNG 75-Inch TV” is the third of my 5 best 75-inch TV under $1500.

This TV is a QLED type of TV, providing adequate color and brightness for the objects and images on the TV. Moreso, with the back LED light, you will get clear and bold vision and a better viewing experience.

The design of the TV is also very attractive as it is very slim in design, which also means it is light in weight, can be moved easily, and will not occupy space.

Notwithstanding, you can use voice control to access your TV, change channels, adjust volumes, and the like with Alexa.

Furthermore, the TV comes with streaming devices and apps to stream movies and videos, live shows, and play different kinds of music.

Also, it uses the internet to function like wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Nevertheless, with 4K UHD, the Tv will have great sound quality.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the sound of another device overshadowing the sound of your TV. Moreso, for an even better experience, you can get speakers to work with it.

The TV refresh rate ensures that the images and objects on the TV are not blurry while you change the channel, but they move adequately fast and with speed.

This is also very important to those using the TV to play games and watch sports.

Advantageously, the adaptive sound feature ensures you hear everything being said on the TV and from the music you play.

Again, the stand of the TV is adjustable. Hence, you can make your TV a bit higher than usual.

Finally, you can share files, music, movies, and the like from your devices to the TV with your internet connection.


  • Multi functionalities.
  • Clear and bold viewing experience.
  • Voice control with Alexa.
  • Sleek and slim design.
  • LED backlight.
  • Great sound quality.


  • No stated warranty.
  • It has no HDMI.

5 Best 75 Inch TV Under $1500: SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal TV

SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal TV
amazon image

“SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Crystal TV” is the second of my 5 best 75-inch TV under $1500.

The TV has an additional feature: a crystal processor that converts the images and objects to a 4K visual, making it very clear and bold.

In addition, it has built-in google voice assistance that allows you to access and control your TV with your voice.

For example, you can request a channel change, adjust your TV volume, and the like.

Subsequently, the high dynamic range(HDR) provides the objects and images on the TV with great quality brightness and color.

Additionally, the motion Accelerator catches fast-moving objects for a better viewing experience.

However, the refresh rate ensures that the objects and images do not get blurry while you change channels.

The TV is also very slim in design, making it attractive and adding beauty to the home.

Again, its slim design makes it lightweight and easy to carry, which is suitable for someone who lives in a rented apartment and wants to move to another apartment.

Notwithstanding, it comes with apps like Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and ESPN for streaming your shows.

Moving forward, you can go to the app store to download other apps compatible with the TV and its features to enjoy streaming from other streaming services.

The packaging includes the manual, remote, batteries, and power cable.

Finally, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Multi functionalities.
  • Streaming services.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sleek and slim design.
  • Full HD.
  • Refresh rate.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • No HDMI.

5 Best 75 Inch TV Under $1500: Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV
pic from amazon

“Amazon Fire TV” is the 1st of the 5 best 75-inch TV under $1500.

The TV has a 4k UHD that provides the objects and images on the TV screen with better, clear, bold colors and adequate brightness. Moreso, with Alexa, you can control, change channels, adjust volumes, and request shows without the remote.

Also, the TV comes with streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and more. Notwithstanding, you can download other streaming services from the app store to enjoy more than 700,000 shows.

However, these apps must be compatible with the TV because not all apps work with every Tv. Again, not only can you watch movies, but you can stream live shows and play games.

Furthermore, the refresh rate ensures that the objects and images on your TV are not blurry while you change channels. Interestingly, this TV always adds new features from time to time for a better experience.

It also comes with 3 HDMI ports to connect your other devices, like your smartphones and laptops, to the Tv and share files and music. Finally, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and you can also purchase an additional 4 years warranty.


  • Multi functionalities.
  • Additional features.
  • HDMI.
  • Refresh rate.
  • Streaming services.


  • The HDR limits the 4K picture quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. 1. Is A 75-Inch TV Huge?

Well, a 75-inch TV is considered too big for a small room or bedroom. However, it is just the perfect size for a large living room.

2. How Far Should You Sit From A 75-Inch TV?

Sitting close to the TV is not an appropriate decision, and it is not healthy for the eyes to avoid visual default. Hence, it is advised that you sit at least 70 inches from the TV. Also, it ensures a clear and better viewing experience.

3. How Big Is A 75-Inch TV On The Wall?

This depends on the manufacturer or the type of 75-inch TV you buy. Notwithstanding, the average width is 167.32cm, the height is 95.82cm, and the depth is 5.99cm.

4. Is A 75-Inch TV Worth It?

Yes, it is. It ensures you get a great picture and sound quality with its additional features and multi-functionalities.

5.  How Do I Maintain My Tv?

Always make sure to clean with a dry cloth to remove dust or particles that can block speakers and damage your TV.

5 Best 75-Inch TV Under $1500: My Final Thoughts

Above is my 5 best 75-inch TV under $1500 with their specifications, pros, and cons for better clarification.

With all of this information, I believe you can now decide on which of the TVs you are getting. However, based on my research, I strongly recommend the “Amazon Fire TV” as my best.

Also, I made the purchase very easy by putting their links in each button. Once you click on them, you are on your way to the store.

I hope you found this 5 Best 75-Inch TV Under $1500 buying guide helpful. If you found the guide helpful, kindly review this buying guide with the “Leave a Reply” form found at the end of this page.

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