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5 Best Air-conditioner Cover For Winter

5 Best Air Conditioner Cover For Winter

Have you considered buying an air conditioner cover for use during winter? Check out this article on the 5 Best Air Conditioner Cover For Winter to discover everything you need to know.

To own an efficient air conditioner, you must do thorough maintenance routines. This will help you monitor the AC unit properly and know when it needs to be examined or repaired.

However, getting a breathable fabric air conditioner cover is one of the main ways of protecting your AC units from damage. The weather conditions cause such damage.

Moreso, you must take maximum consideration before buying an AC cover. This is because these covers can help you protect the air conditioner or damage it permanently if misused.

Often, people ask themselves if it is ideal to use an air conditioner cover during winter. To find out the answer to these long awaiting questions, I recommend reading this article until the end.

This Powerversity article is a selection of the 5 best air conditioner covers for winter with details, specs, and info.

Also, it comprises an AC cover overview, the benefits and setbacks, and the factors to consider when buying one for yourself.

Moreso, I will start my selection from the 5th best AC cover and move on in descending order until I get to my best. Hence, I urge you to stay glued to this article to discover your best choice.

However, as we proceed in this article, you will be able to know when to use the AC cover and when not to use it. Also, I will break this article down into different sections for clarity and proper assimilation.

5 Best Air Conditioner Cover For Winter: Overview

An air conditioner cover is an enclosure that protects your AC from damage caused by different weather conditions. Not only does it protect it from weather conditions but also rodents, leaves, and dirt.

Although air conditioners are built to resist harsh climatic conditions like intense snow, scorching heat, and heavy rain, they are very durable. In addition, they can serve you for an extended period, which is why they are often expensive.

However, your AC unit is not built to protect itself against leaves, seeds, acorns, and other tree debris; hence, the usefulness of an air conditioner cover comes in.

Therefore, you should be concerned about protecting your AC, especially during fall than winter. However, an AC cover can restrict airflow around the AC units, which can cause overheating in the AC’s compressor and then damage it.

A central air conditioner has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit absorbs the heat from your home’s air and then transfers it to the outdoor unit, which pours the heat outside.

The outdoor unit needs much airflow to make the heat circulate, which is why it has a fan.

When you already have the whole outdoor unit enclosed with your AC cover, the airflow will not come in as supposed, making your compressor overheat and get damaged.

5 Best Air Conditioner Cover For Winter: Pros And Cons


The air conditioner cover has a few benefits the AC owner would enjoy. Hence, in this section of the article, I will explain these benefits.

It Prevents Freezing

An AC cover helps prevent water from directly resting on your coils, which can cause damage. With the cover on your outdoor AC unit, you can be assured that your AC unit is secured and free from water.

Moreover, when water gets its way into your outdoor AC unit, it rests on the coil, which can cause freezing and further damage.

Therefore, using an air conditioner cover in this instance is essential.

It Deters Dirt

An air conditioner cover will help prevent leaves, sticks, and other specks of dirt from the yard from entering the outdoor AC unit.

There is every tendency for a heavy wind to blow after you must have mown the grasses in your yard or probably cut down some trees, which can roll up into the outdoor units of the AC.

Thus, creating pockets where moisture can collect.

Therefore, to prevent such occurrences, the AC cover is essential to help you prevent leaves from getting into it.

It Gives You A Cleaner Coil

The AC cover keeps your air conditioner coils a little cleaner to make it more efficient when you subsequently use it.

Even though the AC units are durable, the excessive weight of snow, ice, leaves, or sticks can damage the coils over time.

Therefore, you should use an AC cover to avoid this and keep your coil clean.

It Safeguards The Cooling Unit

It is expensive to maintain an AC unit, as it requires extra effort if any part of it gets damaged.

Thus, the best way to avoid such hazards is to provide constant protection, which you can achieve with the help of an AC cover.

This cover helps you protect the machinery in the cooling unit. Hence, it lasts longer than when exposed to all sorts of dirt.


Despite the benefits of an air conditioner cover, some setbacks are attached to using an AC cover, especially during winter.

Amongst these drawbacks are:

Rodent Infestation

Using an air conditioner cover during winter is likened to sending an invitation to rodents for a party in your AC unit.

This is because they are also seeking a place to stay as a home, the same way you are trying to keep your AC unit safe.

Hence, when they eventually find comfort under the cover, they will be willing to stay there as their own home.

With these, there is every possibility of getting comfortable to eat up the wire. Although this may seem fun to them, it is already causing damage to your AC unit.

However, this damage might be so much that the only option is getting a replacement for the entire air conditioner.

Pre-Existing Protection

Firstly, covering your air conditioning unit may seem sensible to protect all the fragile parts within the metal cabinet.

However, the air conditioner unit is built to withstand almost any weather condition. Therefore, those fragile parts you think you are protecting are not necessary.

These AC units are built to keep them outside in any weather condition. Hence, they have weather-resistant materials that endure years of harsh weather conditions.

Rust And Moisture Issues

Most air conditioner covers do not have proper ventilation, which enables moisture to seep into the AC unit and become trapped.

However, there is a highly increased risk of this moisture build-up, as your unit will become susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Although, the components of the AC unit may resist rust build-up if it is from copper, aluminum, or stainless steel. But rust and moisture build-up are always possible if made from ordinary steel.

Moreover, rust issues can cause unnecessary friction in your AC unit, which can cause further damage.

The mesh air conditioner cover allows airflow through the AC units and helps remove moisture-laden air, but leaving your AC unit uncovered is better.

Mold Infestation

When your AC unit has heavy moisture that has build-up, it can result in mold and mildew growth, which can stop your AC unit from operating efficiently the next time you turn it on.

Moreover, heavy mold and mildew can cause airflow blockages in the condenser coil and prevent your air conditioning unit from working properly.

However, keeping your AC unit uncovered helps prevent mold and mildew growth and prevents excess moisture build-up.

5 Best Air Conditioner Cover For Winter: Factors To Consider

The following are what to look out for when buying an air conditioner cover:


Ensure to buy a matching size of your air conditioner unit when buying an AC cover. However, to get this done, measure the dimensions of your AC units before purchasing the cover.

Moreover, if you cannot get the exact size of the measured dimension, then you can buy the nearest size. Even more, endeavor to choose a cover that has a slightly shorter height than your Ac.

This is because an air conditioner cover that touches the ground might be the best option for rodents to hide.


When buying an air conditioner cover, look for one with a sturdy material like PVC or woven polyester. AC covers with this material are highly durable and can withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Hence, ensure to find a cover with sturdy material so that you can have a durable air conditioner cover.

Easy Installation

You must buy an easy-to-install air conditioner cover. Look out for ones that are easy to wear and will stay firmly attached to the AC unit.

More so, you can go for the covers with padded handles, as they make it easy for you to wear the cover on your AC unit and easily put it off when not in use.

In addition, buy covers with elastic hems that will hold them in their place, preventing them from getting blown away by heavy winds.

Waterproof Feature

Many AC unit damage is caused by moisture. Hence, ensure you buy a waterproof air conditioner cover that will not allow water to seep in.

Also, a waterproof air conditioner cover will ensure that moisture does not get into the AC unit and prevent mold growth.


It would be best to consider the air conditioner cover warranty before buying it. This will help you know how long it will last.

Consider buying from a manufacturer with at least a 2-year warranty. With this, you will not have to keep investing in AC covers.


Another essential factor to consider when buying an AC cover is the material used. For example, you are advised not to use a plastic cover on your air conditioner in order not to suffocate it.

Buy covers made from breathable and porous fabric that allows air circulation. This type of material will maximize airflow and prevent moisture from creeping in.

5 Best Air Conditioner Cover For Winter: Comparison Table And Specifications

Luxiv Window Air Conditioner Cover9.17 x 7.76 x 3.23
Bestalent Air Conditioner Cover11.3 x 10.35 x 3.62
COSFLY Air Conditioner Cover for Outside Units36 x 36 x 39
Little World Air Conditioner Cover for Outside Unit34 x 34 x 30
Little WorldBlack
STURDY COVERS EST. 2015 AC Defender32 x 32 x 36

4. Luxiv Window Air Conditioner covers


The “Luxiv Window Air Conditioner Cover” is the 5th of my 5 best air conditioner covers for winter.

This is a window air conditioner cover with a high-quality 420D waterproof oxford cloth. Also, it has a silver inner layer with a better waterproof effect that is durable and washable.

Moreover, this air conditioner cover is suitable for most standard window air conditioner units ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 BTU.

In addition, this outdoor window air conditioner cover has two adjustable straps with a snap buckle, making the cover not easy to fall due to wind. Moreover, it is easy to put on and take off.

Furthermore, this black window air conditioner cover will not only protect the AC unit from UV and dust but also would keep your room warm in winter, preventing dust, rain, and snow from entering indoors.

However, you are advised to choose this air conditioner cover according to the size of your air conditioner. This will enable you to enjoy this cover for a long time.

Lastly, ensure to clean it regularly for durable and long-lasting use.


  • It has a double-strap design.
  • Also, it has waterproof material.
  • Even so, it is available in different sizes.
  • In addition, it can isolate cold air and dust.


  • No specified warranty.
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