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Electric Unicycle Explained: The Best Alternate Transport System

In a world driven by technology, you probably must have heard of the electric unicycle, right? Then, this article is for you.

This Powerversity guide will help you choose the most suitable and pocket-friendly electric unicycle. For a better understanding, this article on an electric unicycle will be divided into different sections.

In the first section, I will take you through an overview of an electric unicycle. In the next section of this article, you will find out how it works.

After that, I will discuss some features/ factors to consider when buying an electric unicycle. Furthermore, in the third section, I will provide you with the Pros and Cons of an electric unicycle.

In addition to the above, I will also recommend my 5 best electric unicycles for you. As we advance, I will guide you through the features/ factors you must consider before buying an electric unicycle.

Finally, I will answer some frequently asked questions about electric unicycles. Here, you will learn from the mistakes others have made in the past.

I will advise you to stay focused and continue reading to benefit from this article. Ultimately, you will make no mistakes in choosing the one that works for you.

Let us discuss the overview of electric unicycles.

Electric Unicycle Explained: Overview

Electric Unicycle Explained - Overview

The electric unicycle, also known as a self-balancing unicycle, is a one-wheel vehicle with two pedals (one on each side) and contains a battery and other built-in electronic parts.

This electric vehicle has a simple mechanism that consists of an electric motor and is usually connected to the rim, a motherboard, and an accelerometer.

Self-balancing unicycles also have a control board that detects shifts in weight and maintains the axial balance that helps keep the vehicle upright.

The motherboard usually detects the movement of the rider’s body and commands the device to move in the same direction.

When a rider leans forward or backward, the motherboard interprets it as an instruction to accelerate or slow down. Also, the electric unicycle has a built-in brake system.

Though it is a self-balancing vehicle, you still need to learn to balance yourself while riding it. Unlike other similar technologies like electric skateboards and hoverboards, self-balancing unicycles do not use remote control.

Instead, it uses gyroscopic technology in which the rider’s movement dictates the wheel’s speed and direction. However, electric unicycles are becoming more valuable today, especially in this era of traffic congestion.

Not only do they save you money, but also your time and the stress of getting stuck in traffic. Although they look small, these self-balancing unicycles may also serve as an alternate transport system for you.

This is especially true in a dense urban city environment. You can use it to navigate from your home or workplace to other public transit hubs. As such, they are great options for personal transportation.

Electric Unicycle Explained: How It Works

Electric Unicycle Explained - How It Works

Here in this section, you will find out how electric unicycles work.

The electric unicycle, or self-balancing unicycle, as it is sometimes called, comes with some amazing features. It has a mechanism consisting of an electric motor connected to the rims, gyroscope, and accelerometer.

It also has a built-in device, the motherboard, which detects the body’s movement and reads it as a command to either move fast or slow down.

Also, the movement of your weight with your left or right feet turns the electric vehicle in the same direction. The self-balancing feature is an amazing part of the unicycle. Self-balancing is achieved with the use of a gyroscope and accelerometer.

For instance, it is illegal in the UK to ride an electric unicycle on a major highway. This is because it is a new technological development.

So, it would be helpful for you to be well informed by the laws and restrictions surrounding the use of this electric vehicle. The accelerometer usually regulates the speed of the electric unicycle with a change of direction.

Electric unicycles also have brakes. However, they do not have conventional brakes; they use a regenerative braking system.

So, instead of matching the pedal to command a stop, you only need to lean backward.

Models Of Electric Unicycles

Models Of Electric Unicycles

Inmotion V10/F

This self-balancing unicycle can travel up to a 40-mile range.

For the V10, the battery capacity is around 650Wh, while that of the V10F is about 960Wh.

It also has a bright headlight which provides more safety for riders, especially at night.

Its features include:

  • Larger pedals with grip tape
  • Responsive brake light
  • Headlight for night riding
  • Bluetooth speakers for listening to music

King Song 18S

This electric vehicle has two battery capacity options: 840Wh and 1680Wh, respectively.

Its battery capacity can travel up to a range of 60-70 miles.

Also, the King Song 18 S has a big tire of about 18 inches. It also has a headlight, which makes it even more amazing.

In addition, it also has in-built Bluetooth speakers that provide quality sound.

Below are some of its features:

  • 4x Bluetooth speakers
  • Light sensitivity head/tail lighting
  • Pedal pitch angle
  • USB charging port
  • Bluetooth app

Gotway MTen3

This electric vehicle has three battery capacity options, more like the King Song 18S.

It is also compact, lightweight, and affordable, which makes it an excellent option for beginners.

However, you can only travel up to 25 miles due to its small batteries. But that’s still great.

Also, note that this electric vehicle is built for smooth and not rough roads. So, where you ride this vehicle matters.

This electric vehicle comes with the following features:

  • Headlight
  • Pedal light
  • USB charging port

Gotway Tesla V2

The new Tesla V2 electric unicycle has a powerful motor and good capacity.

It is fast and can also travel a long distance of about 40-50 miles. Also, this self-balancing unicycle doesn’t take long to charge.

It has a retractable handle which you can use to move the electric unicycle around when you are not riding it.

Each electronic unicycle is built to travel up to a certain distance according to its capacity. Some can travel up to 50 miles, while others can go up to 85 miles.

They also come with some amazing features, which include:

  • USB charging port
  • Headlight
  • Bluetooth speakers

Electric Unicycle Explained: Factors To Consider

Electric Unicycle Explained - Factors To Consider

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the self-balancing unicycle is a great option for personal transportation.

However, there are some factors you must consider before banking your money on it.
Some of those factors include:

The Range

Before thinking of getting one of these, you must first consider the range of the electric vehicle. Different companies manufacture these electronic unicycles.

As such, they come in different forms and can travel extra miles. However, to determine the best range for your use, there are some models that you need to be familiar with.

Some of which I have been able to list and explain in the how it works section.

The Laws That Guide Its Use

The next factor you should consider is the law that guides the use of electric unicycles in your country or state.

Some countries don’t allow the use of electric unicycles in public places. For instance, it is illegal in the UK to ride an electric unicycle on a major highway.

This is because it is a new technological development. So, it would help if you were well informed on the laws and restrictions surrounding using electric unicycles in your state or country.

The Pedal Size

This is the most neglected design aspect of electric unicycles.

Most electric vehicle manufacturing companies focus more on strengthening interior features and neglect the pedal size. The pedal is one of the most important parts of a unicycle. It can be very dangerous for users if it is not done right.

The width of the pedal should be such that it suits the width of your feet. Also, the height of the pedal should not be too small. At least, it should be slightly smaller than average feet.

The Cost

Self-balancing unicycles may not be as cheap as you think. Its price usually starts from $300 and can go up to even more than $4000.

There are different types/models of self-balancing unicycles with different features. The ones with upgraded features will, no doubt, be more expensive.

Before getting one of these, you must consider what use it will serve. This will help you narrow your budget to the one that suits you.

The Battery

This is a factor you should never overlook when buying an electric unicycle. Self-balancing unicycles usually have different capacities and can only travel the distance that their battery capacity can cover

Some have a battery capacity that can cover up to 30 miles, while some cover as much as 75 miles. You should also consider if the one you are thinking of buying has a replaceable battery option.

With a replaceable battery option, you can change the battery of your electric unicycle if the old one gets bad or is damaged.

The Portability

This is a must factor to consider. The self-balancing unicycle should be designed to become portable for you to carry it about, even without riding it.

You should be able to carry it along with you even while walking on the street or traveling via train or plane. So, if you are thinking of getting one for yourself, ensure you go for portability.

Cost Of Maintenance

Although, it will cost you a great deal of wealth to purchase this electric vehicle. However, using it for short trips will save you a lot of money you would have otherwise wasted while operating a car.

Also, it doesn’t cost much to maintain. Unlike a car that requires constant refueling, it will cost you little or nothing to refuel this electric vehicle.

They are electrically powered and usually don’t need fuel to run them.

The Wheel Size

You should also consider the wheel size of the electric vehicle. Self-balancing unicycles usually come in different wheel sizes.

There are 14 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches wheel sizes. Each of these wheel sizes has its advantages and disadvantages.

Both adults and youth can make use of this electric vehicle.

Pros And Cons

Electric Unicycle - Pros and Cons

Like every other electric vehicle, the self-balancing unicycle has pros and cons.

You will find out about that as you continue reading. I will begin with the Pros before looking at the Cons.


  • One of the pros of electric unicycles is that they are great for personal transportation.
  • It is reasonably easy to learn, making it even more exciting, especially for beginners.
  • Also, this electric vehicle offers a top speed of 20+ mph (32km/h).
  • The most amazing part is that it charges via a standard electrical outlet.
  • It comes with a bright headlight, which makes it easier for you to ride at night.
  • It also has Bluetooth speakers, which you can use to listen to good music.


  • It attracts too much attention.
  • The thought of it being expensive scares some people away. Starting prices range from $300 and go up to $2700
  • Riding this electric vehicle in some states or countries may not be legal.
  • The batteries can be costly to replace if damaged.
  • It may take a longer period, between 6 and 8 hours, to charge to full.
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Electric Unicycle Explained: My Recommendations

Electric Unicycle Explained - My Recommendations
Products BrandColour Age Range Wheel Size Maximum Speed
AW X3 Electric Self-Balanced UnicycleCYBER BOTWhiteYouth14 Inches15 Kilometers per hour
INMOTION V5F Electric UnicycleINMOTIONBlackAdult14 Inches15.6 Kilometers per hour
INMOTION V8SINMOTIONBlackAdult16 Inches22 Kilometers per hour
InMotion V10F Electric UnicycleINMOTIONBlackAdult16 Inches40 Kilometers per hour
InMotion V11 Electric UnicyleINMOTIONBlackAdult18 Inches49.89 Kilometers per hour
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Electric Unicycles?

Electric unicycles are one-wheeled vehicles with two pedals positioned at both sides of the wheel. They usually have batteries and other built-in electronic parts.

2. Are Electric Unicycles Hard?

Electric unicycles are fairly easy to learn. They are not as hard as you may think.

3. Are Electric Unicycles Legal?

Some countries do not support using electric unicycles, especially on public highways. For instance, it is illegal in the UK to ride an electric unicycle on a major highway.

4. Do Electric Unicycles Have Brakes?

Electric unicycles usually have brakes, but not conventional ones. They use a regenerative braking system.

5. Why Is It Called A Unicycle?

It is called a Unicycle because it is coined from two words. The first is ”uni” which means ”one” and ”cycle” which means ”circle or wheel.”

6. Are Electric Unicycles Self-Balancing?

Yes, they have a self-balancing feature.
Self-balancing is achieved with the use of a gyroscope and accelerometer.

7. Is An Electric Unicycle Safe?

It is not entirely safe and not as dangerous as you may think.
If you’re careful enough while riding on it, the possibility of you sustaining an injury will be minimal.

8. How Much Do Electric Unicycles Cost?

The price range of electric unicycles usually varies.
Typically, the price starts from $300 and can go up as much as $4000 depending on the model.

9. What Is An Electric Unicycle Used For?

You can use it to navigate from your home or workplace to other public transit hubs.

10. How Long Do Electric Unicycles Last?

An excellent electric unicycle will travel 60 miles on an 8-hour charge. The greatest electric unicycles can travel 80 miles on a 4-hour charge.
Because higher-end versions have dual charging, which lets you charge your car in half the time, they can drive longer on a single charge.

Electric Unicycles Explained: My Final Thoughts

Electric Unicycles Explained - My Final Thoughts

Is investing your money in an Electric Unicycle worth it? Well, the simple answer is yes. As a one-wheel vehicle, the electric unicycle only accommodates a single rider.

As such, it is great for personal transportation. It serves as an effective means of navigating from your home or workplace to other public transit hubs.

This electric vehicle also comes with some exciting features. It has a Bluetooth speaker which you can use to listen to music.

Also, it has a headlight, making riding fun at night. However, there are some restrictions surrounding its use, especially in some countries.

For example, riding an electric vehicle on a highway in the UK is illegal.

So, you should check if your country or state supports its use. If it does, then I suggest you get one for yourself.

In this article, I have discussed some vital points surrounding using electric unicycles. I also made my recommendation for the one that best suits you.

Finally, I did justice to some frequently asked questions by answering them.

I hope you found this Powerversity guide helpful.

Kindly share your thoughts with us by filling out the ”Leave A Reply” form found towards the end of this page.

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