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7 Best Laptops For Writers: Best Gift for A writer

The 7 best laptops for writers. The seven best? Yes.

Writers, do you do a lot of writing, and after spending a lot of time on a laptop, you undoubtedly experienced eye fatigue?

Then, read on!!!

Alternatively, you may have had problems with your laptop’s sluggish starting, uncomfortable keyboard, or loud cooling fan.

Additionally, it’s likely that you don’t work just at your desk and want to utilize your laptop when on the road.

It takes careful consideration when choosing a laptop to get around all those problems and fulfill other demands unique to those who write frequently.

It appears that when several needs are taken into account at once, selecting the best laptop for a writer becomes fairly difficult.

Wait!! You don’t have to worry. This powerversity got you covered, as we will give you the list of the 5 best laptops for writers and explain in detail their capabilities

As a writer, you need to get the best laptop that will make your work hitch-free. We have done in-depth research on several laptops and outlined the 5 best for you.

However, the ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop comes in as the overall best-pick laptop for writers. Just note that all the laptops featured in this review have their own unique features.

The comparison table is a section that contains the five laptops featured in this article for easy identification. It will also help you understand the features of each laptop, even without reading the entire post.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Laptops For Writers

You should keep a few things in mind while purchasing a laptop for writers.

It might be challenging to choose, among the various alternatives available, which one is best for you.

However, you can reduce your options and locate the ideal laptop for your requirements by considering what you need and where you’ll be using it most.

Now let us discuss some of the things to consider when choosing the best laptop for yourself as a writer or as a gift for a writer.

Screen Size

The size of the screen might be important when working on a laptop, as any writer is aware.

A screen that is too big or too tiny might distract you or make it difficult to see what you’re writing.

Your own tastes and working method will determine the best screen size for writing.

If you frequently deal with lengthy papers or want to have a lot of information shown at once, larger screen sizes can be a better option.

A smaller screen can be a better choice, though, if you like to work in short spurts or are easily distracted.

It’s often ideal for authors to use larger displays! But I’ll urge you to search for displays with sizes between 14 and 17 inches.


Screen resolution is yet another important factor to consider when choosing a laptop for a writer.

When editing or reworking your articles, a higher screen resolution will make it possible for you to view more characters on the page.

Screens with worse picture quality might make it harder to see mistakes.

Besides, the necessity of a touch screen should also be taken into account when purchasing a laptop. Today’s laptops frequently come with touch displays.

Moreover, some even let you detach the screen from the keyboard to transform the device into a tablet.

This is an option you should look at if you want to do your writing while on the move.

Consideration should be given to screen brightness as well. Because it helps lessen eyestrain, a laptop’s screen brightness is crucial for writers.

A laptop with adjustable brightness might assist you in setting up the ideal writing atmosphere.

To enjoy the best viewing experience, aim for a screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or greater.

Aspect Ratio

The screen aspect ratio should be taken into account while selecting a laptop for writing.

Do you want to deal mostly with text-based documents, or do you also intend to use multimedia?

A laptop with a 16:10 or 3:2 aspect ratio will allow you to have two full-size pages side by side if you write a lot.

However, a 16:9 aspect ratio can be more appropriate if you’re also working with photos or video because it offers more horizontal room. (Most gaming laptops have 16:9.)

The majority of authors will value a screen aspect ratio of 16:10 or 3:2.

Battery Life

For authors who want to work on the go, having a laptop with a long battery life is essential.

If you want to write outside the home, such as in coffee shops, make sure to get a model that can last at least five hours on a single charge.

However, if your writing is primarily done at home, battery life won’t be as important to you.

If you enjoy writing on the move away from home, such as at a coffee shop or library, be sure your new laptop can run for at least five to eight hours on a single charge.

Processors (CPU And GPU)

Processing speed is a crucial additional consideration.

Your ability to write uninterrupted despite sluggish page loads or other CPU-related problems will be improved by a laptop with a quick processor.

In order to perform well, you need to first think about choosing a laptop with a strong CPU and graphics.

The CPU is the computer’s brain, allowing it to operate appropriately; a powerful one will make your job go more smoothly.

A sluggish laptop will always irritate you and make you want to put off doing your important duties.

Purchase a laptop with a sufficient CPU so that your job may go without becoming frustrating in order to avoid that.

Sincerely, this will depend on whether you use your laptop for anything but writing. If you merely type and use the internet for research, a laptop with an average processing speed of 2.1 to 2.7 GHz will do.
If you work with movies or enjoy playing games, you need a laptop with at least 2.10 to 4.10 GHz.

Operating System

The operating systems that the computers run on are one of the most crucial factors to take into account when selecting a laptop for writing.

Although both Windows and MacOS are well-liked options, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, Windows-based laptops are frequently more inexpensive, yet Apple’s Mac OS laptops provide a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

Your particular choices will ultimately determine the ideal operating system for you.

The Windows operating system may be the best alternative if you’re seeking a cost-effective choice with plenty of features.

But Mac OS is unquestionably a viable option if you’re ready to spend a little more money in exchange for a superior user experience.

Furthermore, you could be looking for a Chromebook that runs Google’s Chrome OS.

Whichever route you select, make sure to complete your homework so you can get the best laptop for your requirements.

You have complete control over this one! Despite the fact that I am content with my Windows laptop, I am aware of other authors who only use MacBook Pros.

RAM And Storage

Small internal storage on a laptop will rapidly get full, especially if you’re dealing with huge multimedia files.

A laptop with at least 250GB (ideally 500GB to 1TB) of SSD storage space is recommended. If not, data should be stored in the cloud.

For standard word processing and online browsing, you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM; for gaming or video editing, you’ll need more, like 32GB.

For storage capacity, I advise at least 8GB of RAM.
At least 250GB of storage space, more if you write frequently or don’t utilize the cloud.


What sort of keyboard is ideal for writers is an additional factor. Consider whether or not you want an illuminated keyboard.

In low light, a backlit keyboard will make it possible for you to see the keys, which is useful while you’re writing in a dimly lit café or on an airline.

Every writer should also have a comfortable keyboard. The majority of users will choose a laptop with a full-sized keyboard layout and lots of space between the keys.

Get a laptop with a backlit keyboard if you do lots of writing at night!

Size & Weight

The weight and mobility of the laptop are the next factors you should consider. You’ll need something portable and lightweight if you intend to write a lot while on the run.

A heavier or bigger laptop may be sufficient if your primary location for writing will be your house.

Additionally, keep in mind that while you might not want anything too cumbersome to carry about, a laptop that is too light can feel fragile and be less than ideal for prolonged hours of typing.


You could like a Chromebook, a MacBook, or something in between, depending on your requirements and financial situation.
Price is crucial.

An excellent writing laptop doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but you also shouldn’t cut corners too much. After all, purchasing a laptop is an investment that should be made with care.

There are excellent low-cost laptops available, but you might need to dig a little harder to discover them.

PowerVersity.com will earn a tiny commission if you purchase a product from one of the links in this article. This enables us to keep the lights on, but it does not impact the price you pay. Visit our Affiliate Disclosure page for more details.

The 7 Best Laptops For Writers And Their Specifications

ProductsSpecsOperating systemWeightBattery lifeScreen size
Microsoft Surface Go 2  Intel UHD Graphics, 8GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSDWindows 11 H4.44 poundsup to 13 hours12.4 Inches
Lenovo 2022 Flex 5 14” 2-in-1AMD Ryzen 7 5700U, 16GB RAM, 1024GB SSDWin113.42 lbsup to 12 hours14 Inches
Apple 2022 MacBook Pro M2 chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB ​​​​​​​SSD ​​​​​​Mac OS3.0 poundsUp to 20 hours13.3-inches
Dell XPS 13 9320 Plus Laptop (2022)Core i5: 512GB SSD, 16GB RAMWin 11 Pro2.71 ibs (pounds) 7 hours‎13.4 Inches
Apple 2022 MacBook Air2.71 lbs (pounds)
Mac OS

2.8 lbs (pounds)
up to 18 hours13.6-inch
HP Spectre x360 Luxury 14T, 13.5″Intel i7-1165G7, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD,Win 10 Pro 2.87 lbs (pounds)up to 10 hours13.5 inches
ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop Intel i7 16GB Ram 512GB SSD,Windows 11 Pro2.45lbs  (pounds)about 13 hours 13.3 inch 

Below is the list of my 7 best laptops for writers, in descending order. That is, from the fifth to the very best overall.

7. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 is the 7th option on my list of the 7 best laptops for writers. It is powered by an Intel Core i5-1135G7 11th-generation processor.

The wonderful feature of this CPU is that it automatically delivers extra power when you need it and switches to a lower energy mode when you don’t.

Windows Hello sign-in is made simple by the fingerprint scanner built into the power button. However, the webcam lacks Infrared facial recognition.

Microsoft improved the sensor and added two microphones to the camera to better support the culture of contemporary video conversations.


  • CPU: Intel i5-1135G7,
  • RAM: 8GB
  • graphics: Intel UHD Graphics,
  • screen size:12.4 inches
  • Battery life: about 14 hours
  • weight: 4.44 pounds


  • Long-lasting Battery 
  • 12.4” PixelSense Touchscreen Display
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • stylish, colorful design
  • Exceptional construction and a nice keyboard


  • Lack of a backlit keyboard
  • Only one USB-A port and one USB-C port

6. Lenovo 2022 Flex 5 14” 2-in-1: 7 Best Laptops For Writers

Lenovo 2022 Flex 5 14'' 2-in-1

The Lenovo 2022 Flex 5 14 ranks as the sixth-best item on my list of the 7 best laptops for writers.

It’s no longer universally accepted that a 2-in-1 convertible laptop is a high-end PC. You may discover low-cost ones that are comparable to traditional clamshells that are cost-effective.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is an excellent illustration: It is quick and easy to switch between touch-tablet and normal laptop modes because of its lightweight 3.42-pound design.

With the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5, you may write articles one minute, look at photos the next, and then catch up on your favorite show without any of the applications hanging.

Additionally, there are two stereo 2-watt speakers with Dolby audio and a fingerprint reader. The audio quality is suitable for daily usage and most definitely for webcam talks.


  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700U
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 1024GB SSD
  • screen size: 14 Inches
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours
  • weight: 3.42 lbs (pounds)


  • It has both HDMI and USB-C ports
  • Responsive, bright touchscreen
  • Powerful performance for the price
  • Portable as a tablet or laptop
  • Good battery life


  • There is some distortion when playing music loudly

5. Apple 2022 MacBook Pro

Apple 2022 MacBook Pro
Image Credit: Amazon

Apple’s 2022 MacBook Pro is ranked fifth on my list of the best 7 laptops for writers. Its display provides a crisp, clear screen.

This series includes three various display sizes, so you may select the one that’s best for your job.

There are two color patterns you may choose from, although this is not the main worry.

Additionally available are space gray and silver.

A lot of computational power is produced by the M2 CPU and integrated memory working together.

This laptop is a workhorse for travelers who need to finish chores swiftly thanks to its strong CPU.


  • CPU: Apple M2 chip, Up to 8-core
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • graphics: Apple 10-core GPU
  • screen size: 13-inch
  • Battery life: Up to 20 hours
  • weight: 3.0 pounds (1.4 kg)


  • It works faster with a next-generation 8-core CPU
  • good selection of ports
  • The M2 chip is a brilliant performer
  • It’s almost silent in use
  • It offers better screens performance
  • large storage capacity


  • Only two Thunderbolt ports

4. Dell XPS 13 9320 Plus Laptop (2022)

Dell XPS 9320 Laptop (2022)
Image Credit: Amazon

At number 4 on my list of the best t laptops for writers is the Dell XPS 9320 Plus (2022).

This device has a 12th-generation processor, a fantastic 13.4-inch display, and 16GB of RAM, which increases the processor’s performance.

Additionally, this choice excels in all areas, including compatibility, cost, and performance under demanding conditions.

The Intel Core i5-1240P CPU includes an integrated graphics card that leverages the computer’s 16GB of RAM to generate graphics.

Moreover, the 13.4″ OLED touch screen on the XPS 9320 PLUS laptop has a 4K (3456×2160) resolution for amazingly vivid images.


  • CPU: 12th generation Intel 12-core
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR5
  • graphics: an integrated graphics chip
  • screen size: 13.40 inches
  • Battery life: about 7 hours
  • weight: 2.71 lbs


  • High-Speed RAM And large storage space
  • integrated graphics card built into the Intel Core i5
  • It comes with all the latest technology and features
  • It also comes with a 13.4″ OLED Touch Screen with 4K.
  • Platinum Backlit Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader
  • It also comes with dual stereo speakers (tweeter + woofer)


Low battery life compared to other travel laptops

3. Apple 2022 MacBook Air

Apple 2022 MacBook Air
picture from Amazon

In the 3rd position, the Apple 2022 Macbook Air is listed in my list of the 7 best laptops for writers.

With a battery life of up to 18 hours, the MacBook Air M2 is lightweight and portable.

Moreso, it can easily fit into most travel backpacks and messenger bags as you go about your day.

If you’re a fan of Apple and have some extra cash to spend on the brand’s newest items, the Apple MacBook Air with the M2 Chip (2022) should be at the top of your list.

The M2 processor, which is up to 1.4 times quicker than the M1 version and has a smaller design, has been incorporated into the gadget.

Furthermore, the MacBook Air’s Liquid Retina display is the biggest, brightest one ever, and it offers an astounding one billion colors.

You will be clearly seen and heard during video conversations thanks to the 1080p FaceTime HD camera and three-mic array that record high-quality audio.


  • CPU: M2 chip
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • graphics: Liquid Retina Display
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • screen size: 13.6-inch
  • Battery life: up to 18 hours
  • Weight:  2.7 pounds. 


  • It has a backlit keyboard.
  • It also comes with Facetime HD Camera
  • Advanced camera and audio quality 
  • It has a MagSafe charging port
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Nice webcam and better-quality audio


  • It is not a friendly budget

2. HP Spectre x360 Luxury 14T,13.5″

HP Spectre x360
Image from Amazon

A compact 2-in-1 laptop with cost-effective, high-efficiency performance is the HP Spectre x360 Luxury.

This laptop is one of the best for travelers since it is powerful, portable, and really quick. You must check it out.

The integrated Intel Core i7 CPU inside the HP Spectre x360 helps it to do a range of tasks swiftly.

It is capable of running many programs at once without freezing.

It can run certain graphically demanding programs, but if you frequently use these in your workday, you could be better off investing in a more potent laptop.


  • CPU: Intel i7-1165G7,
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD,
  • screen size: 13.5 inches
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours
  • weight: 2.87 pounds


  • Better audio and visual technology
  • Good battery performance
  • Impressive CPU performance
  • high-quality sound and visual system
  • It can be easily carried around.


  • Not powerful enough for heavy tasks 

1. ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop
Picture from Amazon

The top laptop on our list overall is the ASUS Zenbook 13. It isn’t the quickest or most powerful laptop ever created. But if you take into account all the factors, including weight, price, storage space, battery life, and efficiency, you’ll see why it has become one of the top laptops for travelers.

It is one of the smallest 13-inch laptops available and features an outstanding Number Pad and stunning NanoEdge display without a frame to help you express your creativity.

Additionally, it has wide-view technology to produce better images even when seen at oblique angles.


  • CPU: Intel Evo Platform i7-1165G7,
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Graphics: Intel Iris X graphics.
  • screen size: 13.3 Inches
  • Battery life: about 13 hours
  • weight: 2.51 lbs


  • It’s available at a lower price
  • Powerful CPU performance
  • AI Noise Canceling Technology
  • Extensive connectivity with HDMI 2.0b
  • Fast storage and memory featuring 512GB PCIe


  • There is no pen, no touchscreen

Frequently Asked Question: 7 Best Laptops For Writers

1. Do writers need a laptop?

Do you work as a writer, blogger, or internet journalist? You will also require a laptop. This will assist you in keeping up with your hectic routine. You’ll need a lightweight, portable laptop with adequate battery life to get you through the day. The good news is that there are several options.

2. Why do writers use Macs?

You likely understand the importance of your gadgets to your workflow if you are a freelance writer. Speed, performance, and portability are therefore three factors that cannot be compromised when choosing a laptop for writing. At a reasonably low cost, Apple’s MacBook Air provides all of these features and more.

3. How fast can I learn to copywrite?

You may master copywriting abilities through an online course and begin earning money in three months or less if you don’t have any prior experience or a degree.

4. Are gaming laptops good for writers?

The Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming Laptop is the ideal option if you’re searching for one of the most powerful laptops that can handle all of your writing demands. Because of the laptop’s blazing-fast processing power, any writing program available online will operate rapidly.

5. Is HP a good laptop for writers?

The HP Laptop is acceptable as long as it complies with the requirements for laptops for writers

My Final Thoughts: 7 Best Laptops For Writers

I have provided you with my top picks for the best laptops for writers, so you may choose whichever one best matches your needs.

They differ in terms of size, cost, style, and features, so you may choose one based on your budget.

You will still receive a fantastic performance.

The “ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop” tops my list of the 7 Best Laptops For Writers, according to my study. It also includes interesting new features that are beneficial and must not be overlooked.

This buying guide for the top 7 Best Laptops For Writers is intended to be helpful.

Please comment on this post using the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this page if you found it helpful.

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