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5 Best Solar String Lights

Do you need a guide to help you purchase the best solar string light? Then, this article on the 5 best solar string lights is all you need.

However, for clarity’s sake, I will split this article into various sections. This is to enable you to get a better understanding of every context in this article.

To start with, I will clearly explain the subject. Here, you will familiarize yourself with the meaning of a solar string light.

Moving on, I will discuss how a solar string light works and how you can operate it when you eventually get one for yourself.

In the section that comes next, I will talk about the features/factors to consider when buying a solar string light. Here, you will learn what to look out for before buying a solar string light.

Afterward, I will give a tabular representation of my 5 best solar string lights with their specifications and comparisons. In this section, I will list out the different specifications of my 5 best picks.

Furthermore, I will proceed with my product review. In this section, I will explicitly discuss my 5 best solar string lights in descending order.

This means I will start my review with the 5th best solar string light until I get to my overall best. Also, I will state the pros and cons of each product I review.

Going forward, I will answer some frequently asked questions about solar string lights. Therefore, you must pay detailed attention to this section because it might provide answers to your intended questions.

Finally, the last section will be where I share my final thoughts on the 5 best solar string lights.

Hence, I urge you to read through every detail of this article to get the juicy and important facts about a solar string light.

Solar String Light: Meaning

Firstly, let us look at the meaning of a string light before considering what a solar string light means.

A string light is a small decorative electric light that comes in white or other colors and is spaced evenly on a cable.

In other words, it is a type of light used for decorative purposes during Christmas. These lights are otherwise known as fairy lights or festival lights.

More so, it is always on display throughout the festive period. It brings a satisfactory ambiance to wherever you place it.

On the other hand, a solar string light is a light with small bulbs linked together with a cord or cable for decoration purposes.

However, a solar string light generates its power from a battery charged by a solar panel. Thus, this is the major difference between a solar string light and an electric string light.

Even more, a solar panel on one end of the string light converts sunlight into energy to charge the battery.

Additionally, a solar string light automatically turns on at sunset and off at sunrise. Also, this is done without any manual operation.

Furthermore, a solar string light is considered most useful when you do not have a permanently installed electrical outlet. Even more, it is energy-efficient, as it helps you reduce your energy bills.

How Solar String Lights Work

In this sub-section, I will give a detailed explanation of how a solar string light works. A solar string light uses a photovoltaic effect, where the solar cells convert sunlight into direct electric current.

Hence, the derived energy is stored in the battery by an electric inverter.

In addition, the solar string light turns on automatically during the day and goes off at night. Therefore, you do not need any manual operation to switch it on and off.

Moreover, a typical solar string light takes up to 4-6 hours to fully charge. But if they are placed in a spot with full light exposure, the light installed at noon will work perfectly at sunset.

Interestingly, you can charge your solar string light even in the absence of the sun. However, to achieve this, you should position the solar panels directly beneath a household light to charge them.

Moreover, note that it is expedient to place the panels very close to the light source to get them to charge as quickly as possible. Because the farther the panels are from the light source, the more time it will take to fully charge them.

Best Solar String Lights: Factors To Consider

Before buying a solar string light, there are some factors that you need to consider. Hence, in this section of the article on the 5 best solar string lights, we shall discuss some of these factors.

Number Of Bulbs

A very important factor to consider before buying a solar string light is the number of bulbs it carries. This is essential because the length you want to decorate will be a determinant of the kind of string light you buy.

Also, ensure to buy a string light with enough bulbs in order to cover a large patio. Better still, measure the area you want the string light to cover before buying one for yourself.

Lighting Modes

This is a factor that determines the number of lighting effects added to your decoration.

Perhaps, there are different lights with several effects that serve different purposes in creating a perfect atmosphere.

Moving on, the lighting mode of a solar string light is also an important factor to consider because it often has a named mode to show when there is a change in timing and also to know if the light fades in or out.

In addition, solar string lights have different lighting modes that create the same effect, although with different names.

Also, with a solar string light, you should be able to conveniently choose from 2 to 8 lighting modes.

Even more, most brands of solar string lights have multi-lightning modes that help create an enthusiastic atmosphere for your space.

Light Durability

Before you buy a solar string light, you must ensure it can withstand any weather condition. Therefore, look out for one with adequate durability.

In essence, do thorough research on the string light you are buying and ensure that it is suitable for use in any weather condition.

Therefore, look out for a string with a very good waterproof rating, as this will increase the durability of your light in any weather condition. This means you should buy a solar string light that can resist water and work perfectly.

Type Of Bulb

Considering the facts, we have three different types of light bulbs for any kind of light: LED, globe bulbs, and Edison style. However, LED is the best of all.

Hence, it is vital that you buy a solar string light with LED bulbs in order to get the best lighting effect for your decoration.

Specifications Of Solar Power

The power source of your solar string light is the solar panel. Therefore, it is essential that you know the specifications and attributes of the panel.

This is in order to help you determine the performance of your solar string light. Hence, consider the run time, solar panel technology, dual charging capability, and charging time.

With these specifications, you definitely cannot go wrong when choosing your best solar string light.

String Configuration

This is another very important factor to consider because it enhances how well you can beautify your space.

Going forward, this factor helps you determine your space length before buying a solar string light.

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Best Solar String Lights: Comparison Table And Specifications

ProductsDimensionWeightSpecial FeatureMaterialBrand
Brightown: Solar String Lights Outdoor 5.79 x 4.41 x 4.41 inches1.39 poundsWaterproof, TwinklingPlasticBrightown
SANJICHA Extra-Long Solar String Lights5.12 x 4.33 x 4.92 inches‎1.06 poundsWaterproofPlastic, CopperSANJICHA
Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights5.79 x 4.37 x 3.78 inches‎1.01 poundsEnergy-efficient, Waterproof, weather-resistant, and adjustableCopper ledBrightown
JMEXSUSS 2 Pack Blue Solar Fairy Lights5.83 x 3.23 x 3.03 inches0.619 poundsN/APlasticJMEXSUSS
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights,N/A2.51 PoundsWaterproof, weather-resistant, Shatterproof, and energy-efficientRubber

Best Solar String Lights: Brightown Solar String Light

Brightown Solar String Light

On my list of the 5 best solar string lights, the “Brighton solar string light” ranked 5th.

This solar string light has solid materials and an IP65 waterproof function. Also, this feature helps it work continuously for a whole year, and it is suitable for all kinds of use.

In addition, it is energy-efficient, with 35.6 feet of length and 60 super bright bulbs. Even more, this feature enables it to save electricity and money, which in turn aids an adequate concept of sustainable development.

Furthermore, it has eight beautiful and brilliant multifunctional lighting modes. Which include chasing flash, sequential, waves, steady on, combination, twinkle flash, etc.

With these lighting modes, rest assured that this solar string light will meet all your requirements for different lights.

Moreover, this solar string light is widely used and suitable for use in any kind of celebration or for festive purposes.

Finally, it is a high-quality gazebo light with a 180-degree adjustable monocrystalline silicon solar panel and is factory-equipped and sophisticated.


  • It has multifunctional lighting modes.
  • Also, it is an energy-saving LED light.
  • In addition, it has an IP65 waterproof rating.
  • Finally, it is a high-quality gazebo light.


  • The manufacturer did not specify the warranty.

SANJICHA extra long solar street light

SANJICHA extra long solar street light

The “SANJICHA extra long solar street light” is the 4th on my list of the 5 best solar string lights.

It is a newly upgraded outdoor string light with 72 feet and 200 LED bulbs. Also, it has a large battery capacity and higher conversion with larger-sized solar panels.

Furthermore, it has an IP65 waterproof rating, which makes it a suitable choice for outdoor decorations. Even so, it requires no extra electricity and does not need a battery replacement.

Moving on, it has an auto-on/off button and a mode button. With the mode button, you can select eight different lighting modes to satisfy your various needs.

Lastly, it has a built-in memory chip that helps you save your last mode setting automatically. Hence, there is no need to reset it again.


  • It is highly efficient.
  • Also, it has quick charging technology.
  • In addition, it has 8 impressive lighting modes with a memory function.
  • Even more, it is a newly upgraded outdoor solar string light.
  • Finally, it is a widely used outdoor decorative light.


  • No warranty.
  • Also, the effectiveness tends to decrease if the panel is in a shady area.

Best Solar String Lights: Brightown Outdoor solar string lights

Brightown Outdoor solar string lights
Image from amazon

3rd on my list of the 5 best solar string lights is the ” Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights.”

It is a super brilliant solar-powered LED string light with 2 packs of 33-foot-long string and 100 super bright LED bulbs.

Also, it has a steady 360-degree viewing angle that illuminates in every direction. Even more, this LED string light produces a warm, white, soft glow that gives a festive touch in various areas.

Additionally, this highly efficient solar power string light is factory equipped and sophisticated, with an adjustable solar panel and an in-built rechargeable battery.

Therefore, you do not need electricity or any other battery to power the light. This is because it is powered by solar energy. Hence, the light will automatically go off at night and come on during the day.

Practically, this solar string light works for 8 to 10 hours after a full charge.

Furthermore, this solar twinkle light is solidly wired to stand any weather, whether rain, sun, or snow.

In other words, this solar string light has an IP65 waterproof component that makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage without any worry of weather damage. First, however, do not immerse it in water.

Going forward, it has 8 impressive lighting modes and a flexible, shapeable copper wire that can be properly twisted and shaped to your desired patterns.


  • It has 8 impressive lighting modes.
  • Also, it is a super brilliant solar-powered LED string light.
  • Even so, it has IP65 waterproof functionality.
  • In addition, it has flexible and shapeable copper wire.
  • Finally, it is a highly efficient solar-powered fairy light.


  • There is no specified warranty.

JMEXSUSS 2-pack blue solar fairy light

JMEXSUSS 2 pack blue solar fairy light
Amazon Image

The “JMEXSUSS 2 pack blue solar fairy light” is second on my list of the 5 best solar string lights.

This solar string light is charged by solar power, which requires a lot of electricity, saves energy, and protects the environment. Also, it has a built-in sensor that enables it to automatically turn on at dusk for about 8 hours and off at dawn without manual operation.

Furthermore, it has an IP44 waterproof copper wire and a solar panel that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Hence, it is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor decorations.

In addition, it has flexible copper that you can bend into any shape of your choice. And it will not overheat, regardless of how long you keep it in use.

Thus, it is durable and very convenient to use. More so, it is an upgraded mini solar light with eight lighting modes.

Moreover, each of these lighting modes is impressive as it creates a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere for your events. It is a gift for children and girls, as it helps to lighten up your gift and brighten up your family and friendship.

Lastly, this blue solar fairy light has 100 LEDs with a wider 360-degree lighting angle and an adjustable 180-degree solar panel. This creates a dynamic atmosphere, just like in Alice in Wonderland.


  • It is solar-powered.
  • Also, it has an auto-on/off feature.
  • Even so, it has 8 impressive lighting modes.
  • Additionally, it is a flexible solar fairy string light.
  • Finally, it has an IP44 waterproof rating and is also convenient for outdoor use.


  • It is available in limited stock.
  • Also, there is no specified product warranty.

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Power String Light

Best Solar String Lights: Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Power String Light
Image from amazon.com

My overall best solar string light is the “Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Power String Light.”

It is a 27-foot-long, durable solar string light with a detachable solar panel and 12 LED lights. More so, the solar panel has a rating of 1,000 charges with LED bulbs that can last up to 20,000 hours.

Hence, it can last for approximately 2.5 years. However, ensure to make use of direct sunlight to get the best full charge.

Furthermore, it uses weather-tite technology, which makes it capable of withstanding rain, snow, and winds up to 50 mph. Also, the bulbs are shatterproof plastic shells with heat resistance that is up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, it is easy to install, which makes it a widely used patio light. Additionally, it gives a perfect ambiance to your space for a soothing and relaxing retreat.

Lastly, it has a 2-year product warranty that includes defects, sudden failures, and malfunctions.


  • It gives an elegant romantic ambiance.
  • Also, it has a 2-year product warranty.
  • More so, it is easy to install.
  • In addition, it is a commercial-grade waterproof patio light with shatterproof S14 bulbs.
  • Lastly, it is an ideal solar outdoor light.


  • The lighting mode is not specified.
  • Also, it is available in limited stock.

Frequently Asked Questions On Solar String Lights

1. How long do solar string lights last?

Typically, solar string lights last between 6 and 10 hours, with a minimum duration of 2–5 years.
However, if you bring your solar lights inside during the winter, it will possibly extend their lifespan.

2. Are solar string lights better than electric?

Solar string lights are energy-efficient and do not add to electricity bills. Also, it serves a more useful purpose when you do not have a comfortable electrical outlet.

3. Do solar string lights have batteries?

Yes, they do.
Moreover, they require special rechargeable batteries to work perfectly. For example, nickel cadmium (NiCad) or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries.

4. Can a light bulb charge a solar string light?

Yes, it can.
Inasmuch as the bulb is strong enough.

5. Do solar lights stop working in the rain?

No, it doesn’t.
Instead, it will work more effectively because the rain will help wash off dust and dirt from the surface of the solar panel.

5 Best Solar String Lights: My Final Thoughts

Here, you have it all. In conclusion, I believe the information above meets your expectations in this article on the 5 best solar string lights.

Also, you must have been able to conveniently choose your best on my list. Moreover, it is not compulsory that you go for my best, as every item on my list is guaranteed to serve you satisfactorily.

Furthermore, you must understand the difference between a solar string light and another electric fairy light. Even more, you can tell what to look out for when buying a solar string light for yourself.

Hence, do not hesitate to use the “Buy Now On Amazon” button to place an order, and I can assure you that you can never go wrong.

I hope this Powerversity buying guide was helpful to you.

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