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The Best Computer Monitors For Home Offices

Have you been looking for the best buying guide on the best computer monitors for home offices? This is the right page. So I urge you to read through it. Therefore, you will not miss any information.

This Powerversity buying guide will provide adequate and valid information on what you need to take note of and what you should not worry about when buying any of the best computer monitors for home offices.

With the development of technology and the rate of intelligence, jobs of different kinds are now in existence, and most of us now work from home, which is very comfortable until you have to plan and create a schedule.

However, working from home and making money is still very convenient.

Furthermore, most of these tasks will require you to have a computer monitor at home that you can work with, especially if you are always working with internet connections and Microsoft.

Hence, we will be looking at the keys to choosing the best computer monitors for home office.

Before moving on to the main part, I will divide this guide into sections/parts. Though, this is for better clarification and understanding,.

To start with, we will look at the key features and factors to consider when buying the best computer monitors for home offices.

This will help ensure you pick the right computer monitor you need.

Next, I will give a tabular representation stating the products and their specifications.

In addition, I will give details on each product along with its pros and cons, or, in other words, the benefits and likely limitations.

Nevertheless, After the previous section, I will give suitable answers to some relatable questions.

Afterward, I will give my final thoughts.

Features And Factors To Note When Buying A Computer Monitor For Home Offices


Indicator light

The indicator light is a feature of a computer monitor that signifies when the computer is in power-saving mode or video input mode.

Depending on the computer manufacturer, the lights are always in different colors.

Notwithstanding, some of these monitors would rather blink the light when they are in power-saving mode as a form of notification.

Touch screen

Often, it is different computer monitors, different sizes, with different or additional features.

For example, some of these monitors allow you to work on the system by moving and selecting icons with your fingers, and this is because they have input methods in them.

Also, they can allow you to access the system by making gestures. However, for effective performance, you must always clean with a dry napkin to remove every fingerprint on the screen’s surface.


Going further, we have ports as a feature of the computer monitor that give you access to connect other devices with the monitor and transfer and collect files and documents, as well as copy.

Also, if you need to connect other input devices like the mouse or keyboard, you can always do so through the ports.

Again, you can connect other devices like cameras, microphones, speakers, etc.


The stand is another part of the computer monitor. The stand represents the feet of the computer monitor, and it allows you to easily place your system on the surface of your table.

More so, they are strong enough to withstand any wind coming from your window or the fan in your room.

Factors To Consider

Screen Size

First, you can always get different sizes of computer monitors, from small ones to big ones.

However, most times, the large screen computer monitor is preferable to the smaller ones because they always have large displays, and the viewing experience is better.

But, they are always very expensive; they are the bigger ones with additional features, so they are bound to be expensive. Notwithstanding,


Another important factor to consider is the port. The ports are for connection use; you can always connect the monitor to the computer using this port and cables.

Again, you can connect other devices to it to share files.

Refresh Rate

Another important factor to consider is the refresh rate of the computer monitor.

A refresh rate is an input system that helps to prevent the pictures and images on screens from being blurry so that you can be comfortable while viewing them.

More so, the computer system will get an update every second, regardless of the amount of refresh rate that comes with it.

Hence, you must check the refresh rate of the computer monitor before buying, and the higher the refresh rate, the faster.


Importantly, the computer monitor’s resolution is another important factor to consider. The resolution is also what we know as ultra-high definition (UHD).

This UHD helps to make the images and objects on the screen brighter and clearer for a better viewing experience.

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My Recommendations And Specification Table: Best Computer Monitors For Home Office

ProductsDimensionItem WeightRefresh RateBrand
KOORUI 22-inch Computer Monitor4.8 x 21.97 x 14.92
Sceptre 24″ 1080p LED Monitor21.59 x 7.02 x 15.83
60 HzSceptre
Sceptre E249W-19203R 24-inch Monitor15.83 x 21.59 x 7.02
75 HzSceptre
HP 24mh Computer Monitor8.33 x 23.54 x 18.28
75 HzHP
Acer 21.5-inch Computer Monitor8.3 x 19.6 x 15.1
75 HzAcer

KOORUI 22 Inch Computer Monitor

KOORUI 22 Inch Computer Monitor

The “KOORUI 22 Inch Computer Monitor” is the 5th of my Best Computer Monitors for Home Offices.

Suppose you have noted features that are very important when buying your computer monitor.

In that case, you will know that there are important features your monitor must have, like resolution, refresh rate, HDMI, contrast, and the like.

This computer monitor features them, including a horizontal and vertical viewing angle and HDMI cable.

Thus, this computer monitor features everything you will need.

In addition, the computer features a display that allows you to adjust the screen’s brightness to avoid straining the eyes and tiredness of the eyes and to prevent eye damage from screen brightness.

Also, the blue filter supports the work of the display to make it very clear and smooth even at low brightness levels and to prevent the eyes from getting tired.

Therefore, your viewing and working experience have improved.

Talking about the design of the computer monitor, it is sleek and slim and has a stand for stability on your working table or desk.

More so, it will not occupy space; therefore, you have enough space left for other things like your documents and the like.

Through the HDMI, you have access to connect to other devices with the cables.

Hence, you can decide to take a little break to entertain yourself with movies and the like.

Notwithstanding, if you are not okay with the warranty given, you can always buy more from the manufacturer.


  • Design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Features.
  • Brightness display.
  • Picture quality.
  • Finally, it is worth the price.


  • There is no stated warranty.
  • The stand is not adjustable.

Sceptre 24″ 1080p LED Monitor

Sceptre 24 1080p LED Monitor

The “Sceptre 24″ 1080p LED Monitor” is the 4th of my Best Computer Monitors For Home Office.

This computer monitor features a sleek and slim design.

Therefore, it is lightweight, and you can easily move it around.

Also, it will not occupy space on your working desk, leaving you with enough space for other things like your work documents and materials.

In addition, it features a base stand for stability on the working table and area.

Hence, you do not need to worry about it falling from the wind and the like.

Interestingly, your audio gets to play from the HDMI, and the HDMI ports are up to 2, which gives you access to connect to other devices like your other computer, laptop, or even your mobile phone.

With HDMI, you can always connect to your device and take a break from work by watching movies or listening to music.

Notwithstanding, if you prefer to mount yours on the wall rather than using the stand, it is available for this computer monitor.

Subsequently, it offers a refresh rate that ensures the images and objects on the screen do not get blurry while you change pages or while watching on your computer monitor.

Therefore, your viewing experience is better.

Apart from the audio that you can play from the HDMI, this monitor has inbuilt speakers, and you can still decide to use speakers with it for better sound quality.

Furthermore, it features a blue filter to support the display, which ensures that the screen is clear and smooth and prevents eye fatigue.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • Picture quality.
  • It is worth the price.
  • Slim and sleek design.
  • Decent viewing angles.
  • Refresh rate.


  • There is no stated warranty.
  • The speakers are at the back.

Sceptre E249W-19203R 24-inch Monitor

Sceptre E249W-19203R 24-inch Monitor
Image: amazon

The “Sceptre E249W-19203R 24-inch Monitor” is the 3rd of my Best Computer Monitors For Home Office.

This computer monitor features blue light that helps reduce the blue light in a computer while working to prevent any form of eye fatigue or straining your eyes.

More so, it allows you to view and watch on the screen comfortably.

Furthermore, it features an important key, which is the refresh rate.

With the refresh rate, your pictures and objects cannot be slow and blurry while they move, but they are smooth and fast, which leaves gamers in a comfort zone.

Nevertheless, you have the ability to connect other devices to your computer monitor through the HDMI ports.

Therefore, you can transfer files, share documents, and the like with the HMI ports.

Also, this computer monitor features an in-built speaker, which makes the audio experience great.

Thus, you do not need to get any other speaker that will likely take up space on your table and make you an extra cost.


  • In-built speaker.
  • Blue light feature.
  • Refresh rate.
  • HDMI ports.


  • No stated warranty.

HP 24mh Computer Monitor

HP 24mh Computer Monitor
Picture: Amazon

The “HP 24mh Computer Monitor” is the 2nd of my Best Computer Monitors For Home Office.

First, the computer monitor features a unique design that does not allow space to be limited on your working table.

Thus, it has a sleek and slim design.

The display that comes with this computer monitor makes sure the picture quality is very convenient, and you do not have to strain or stress your eyes while working or watching.

More so, with the size of the screen, it is very easy to see everything on the screen, and you can always view it from several angles comfortably.

However, you still get to have space on your table to place materials and documents.

Also, with the image clarity, quality, and adequate color, it is easy to view this computer monitor from any position you might be in. Hence, it offers wide viewing angles.

Furthermore, with the HDMI computer monitor features, you can connect to other devices to share and transfer files and other documents.

Nevertheless, for a better audio experience, the computer monitor features an in-built speaker.

Therefore, you will not have issues with any other sound overshadowing the sound coming from your computer, especially if you are watching a movie on the computer.

Apart from the size of the screen, the blue light supports the computer by preventing fatigue of the eyes.

Again, you can adjust the computer monitor by height to any level you are comfortable viewing.

Finally, it features a 1-year warranty.


  • Height adjustment.
  • Low blue light.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • HDMI.
  • It does not occupy too much space.
  • Finally, it has a large screen.


  • The speaker is at the back of the monitor.

Acer 21.5 Inch Computer Monitor

Acer 21.5 Inch Computer Monitor

The “Acer 21.5 Inch Computer Monitor” is the 1st of my Best Computer Monitor For Home Office.

First, the computer monitor features a full HD that ensures that the images and objects on the screen are of great viewing quality.

Therefore, HD makes the images and objects on the screen clearer and brighter, making them visible enough.

Second, it features a 75-hertz refresh rate that ensures that objects are fast when they need to and slow when they need to for a better viewing and working experience.

Also, it ensures that the images and objects are not blurry.

Next, you can always connect your monitor to other devices because the monitor features HDMI ports that allow you to share and transfer files and the like.

Again, the images and objects on this monitor get the adequate color ratio they need alongside the brightness.

Notwithstanding, you can always view from different angles conveniently and comfortably.

Talking about the computer monitor’s size and design, the screen size is large, so the images that appear on the screen are bold enough.

While the design is sleek and thin, you do not have to worry about the monitor taking up space on your working table or where you place it.


  • Clarity and brightness.
  • Design and size.
  • HDMI.
  • Refresh rate.
  • Full HD.


  • There is no stated warranty.
  • Screen height cannot be adjusted.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Computer Monitors For Home Office

1. Can I Use A TV As A Computer Monitor?

One of the benefits of using a smart TV with features that are highly recommended is that you can also use the TV as a computer monitor. However, you must ensure that you are working with a TV that features an HDMI adapter in case you have to connect using a cable due to a weak computer.

2. What Size Monitor Is Best For Office Work?

The best-sized monitor will be the 24-inch monitor. Moreover, it will take up much space on your work table because it is larger than the largest TV, but it will give you just the comfort and features you need to work conveniently.

3. Is It Better To Use A TV Or Monitor For A Computer?

Well, it is advisable to go for the monitor based on the level of clarity and flow, especially if you are a gamer. Thus, you will have a better experience using a monitor as your computer.

4. What Is A Smart Computer Monitor?

A smart computer monitor is a technology system that allows you to do both office work and use it for entertainment without any form of discomfort.

5. Why Is TV Cheaper Than Monitors?

The reason why TVs tend to be cheaper than monitors is that TVs are produced in larger quantities than monitors.

My Final Thoughts: Best Computer Monitors For Home Offices

Above are my best computer monitors for home offices, with their specifications, benefits, and likely limitations.

However, with all this information, I hope you can pick the best computer monitors for home offices you want.

Nevertheless, based on my research, I strongly recommend the “Acer 21.5 Inch Computer Monitor” as the best computer monitor for home offices.

To make an easy purchase, I have created a button where you will find the link. Hence, when you click the link, you are going to the store.

I hope you found these Best Computer Monitors for Home Office buying guides helpful. If you found the review helpful, kindly review this buying guide with the “Leave a Reply” form at the end of this page.

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