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5 Best Wall-Mount Range Hoods

Are you looking for one of the 5 best wall-mount range hoods for your kitchen? This buying guide is just for you.

However, if you’re searching for a solution to keep your kitchen clean, there might be something you’re neglecting.

Your range may dirty your countertops and the surrounding area, but it can even dirty your ceilings.

Also, if you wish to ease some of this, installing a wall-mounted range hood can help.

A wall-mount range hood is just an exhaust vent installed directly on the wall above your cooking area.

Further, they reduce smoke and fat by employing an adjustable fan based on the food you’re cooking.

Moreover, choosing the best wall-mounted range hoods might be difficult, but not to worry. That’s why I’m here for you.

Kitchen range hoods come in a variety of shapes and styles.

However, they all fit into five major sorts or categories.

These are examples of wall-mounted hoods, countertop hoods, vent hood extensions, underneath cupboard hoods, and specialty hoods.

However, all range hoods can remove smoke, oil, and other contaminants from the air during food preparation and cleaning.

A few are more successful than others.

Even more, this buying guide on the “5 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods” will teach you more about the wall mount range hood.

Also, I hope this helps you decide which wall-mounted range hood is ideal for your kitchen.

Furthermore, wall-mounted range hoods are among the most frequent stove hoods.

These vent hoods are meant to be firmly installed against a kitchen wall.

Furthermore, to trap the most cooking gases and extend your range hood’s life, position it around 28–36 inches between the bottom of the hood and the stovetop surface.

5 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods: Features and Factors To Consider

Features To Consider

CFM Efficiency (Cubic Feet per Minute)

The CFM measures the amount of air passing through your wall-mounted range hood. When selecting a wall-mounted range hood, consider the size of your range to determine how much CFM you will need.

Further, aside from the size of the range, consider how much steam, smoke, and oil your cooking frequently generates.

Also, remember that larger CFM ranges might generate more noise during operation Thus, a lower CFM figure may not be the best option.

Noise Level

Your hood’s noise level, assessed in sones, could be a deciding factor for you.

Do you favor strength over loudness, or the other way around? Again, it’s a barter, but a good range hood shouldn’t be too noisy, even if it’s strong.

Are you picky about the decibel levels you desire from your range hood? Check out the reviews of the products before purchasing them.

One thing most customers like doing is running their range hood at lower speeds.

There are a few more things you can do to make your range hood quieter.

However, this will not be included in this buying guide so as not to deviate from my main purpose, which is to give you what you need to purchase one of these products with minimal stress and reading time.

Remote Control

With remote control, you may operate a wall-mounted range hood remotely from any part of the kitchen.

If you’re weary of moving your knees upward and downward every time you want to turn on the range hood, we recommend obtaining a wall-mount range hood with such a remote control.

Furthermore, they’re simple to operate, letting you switch them on and off from any part of the room.

They also offer a variety of settings, allowing you to fine-tune your cooking atmosphere as desired.

In addition, they are especially handy in bigger or older homes with limited kitchen ventilation.

Factors To Consider

How Strong Is Your Stove?

British Thermal Units, or BTUs, are used to evaluate gas ranges. Watts are the unit of measurement for electric ranges.

For example, a gas stove requires a stronger hood than an electric burner.

Simply divide the total amount of BTUs by 100 to determine the minimal CFM for your gas range.

Furthermore, here’s an example of how to size a range hood for a gas stove.

Assume the stove is 48 inches long, has six burners, and has a grill.

The small burners have an output of 8,000 BTUs, while the large burners have an output of 12,000 BTUs.

You have three of each, for a total of 60,000 BTUs from the burners. The grill uses 20,000 BTUs.

Therefore, the cooktop has a total BTU capacity of 80,000.

Also, using the above formula of 100 CFM for every 10,000 BTUs requires a minimal power of 800 CFM.

Watts aren’t even required for an electric range. Simply multiply the breadth of your range by 10 to get the minimal CFM of your hood.

Do You Have Enough Space To Place The Hood?

It is preferable to place your interior hood between 28 and 36 inches away from the stove.

Hence, make sure your kitchen has enough space to accommodate this demand.

To put your hood between 36 and 42 inches from the surface of the stove in an open kitchen, you must have enough space.

Also, this guarantees that you can adequately vent the thick grease and smoke from your grill via your hood.

Thermostat Management

A constructed temperature sensor in certain versions instantly switches on the fan if the heat underneath the hoods gets too high.

This function is typical of microwaves and protects the microwave components from heat damage.

Further, if the temperature under the microwave becomes too high, the ventilation system kicks on to remove the hot air and bring in cold air first from the rest of the kitchen.

Nevertheless, we do not suggest this function on range hoods because if a grease fire activates the fan, it may exacerbate the flame by pulling additional air toward it.


Suppose you spend more time cooking and depend on your hood under your cabinet range to enhance your indoor environmental quality.

In that case, lighting is a crucial element to look for when purchasing one.

There are alternatives for every design and function, whether you want to recognize ingredients, see all across the room, or add atmosphere with decorative lighting.

Illumination choices for your wall mount range hood may add elegance and efficiency and even improve the ambiance in the kitchen, whether you desire a basic, inconspicuous lightbulb or a stylish recessed light that complements your other stainless steel equipment.

LED lights use less energy and last longer than fluorescent lamps.

Some versions include two lighting settings for normal cooking and a brighter option for darker areas.

Choose a type with super-efficient LEDs if you desire the range hood to seem less like an appliance. These lights may display almost any color or emphasize your countertop without detracting from its overall appearance.

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5 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods: Specifications And Recommendations

ProductsWeightProduct’s DimensionNoise LevelAirflow Displacement Warranty
Comfee CVP30W6AST Stainless Steel Wall Mount Vent Hood19 pounds‎32.1 x 14.6 x 22.4 inches‎70 dB‎450 Cubic Feet Per Minute1 Year
FIREGAS Wall Mount Range Hood‎18 pounds‎30 x 19 x 36.3 inches‎56 dB‎400 Cubic Feet Per Minute5-Year Warranty on Motor
Tieasy Wall Mount Range Hood‎21.1 pounds‎18.3 x 29.3 x 36.3 inches‎55 dB‎450 Cubic Feet Per Minute5-Year Limited Parts Warranty
IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood‎45 pounds34.6 x 23.75 x 16 inches‎65 dBMax of 900 Cubic Feet Per Minute10-year warranty on the motor and a 5-year warranty on the control panel and lights
COSMO COS-63175S Wall Mount Range Hood‎23.1 pounds19.75 x 30 x 39.4 inches‎45 dB380 Cubic Feet Per Minute5-year limited warranty 

Comfee CVP30W6AST Stainless Steel Wall Mount Vent Hood

Comfee CVP30W6AST Stainless Steel Wall Mount Vent Hood

Making it to the top 5th position of this buying guide on the 5 best wall mount range hoods is the Comfee CVP30W6AST Stainless Steel Wall Mount Vent Hood.

This product is a high-quality ductless range hood with a three-speed exhaust fan that can suction up to 450CFM of cooking emissions or gases while remaining quiet.

The stainless body and appropriate measurements match your cabinet and save space. Ideal for condominiums and flats. 

The 5-layer metal filter thoroughly removes grease and frying smells. Furthermore, because it is readily detachable and dishwasher safe, it can constantly maintain its peak effectiveness.

You may install Comfee by following the step-by-step instructions in the user guide or by watching the installation videos.

You may also hire trained specialists to conduct the installation and electrical connections. Please utilize a 6-inch (150mm) exhaust duct.

Furthermore, if you want to make your range hood ductless, you’ll need to buy The Comfee 2 Pack Carbon Filter Kit separately: Part number CVP/CVG-CF (Please look for B09C74226L on Amazon.)

Even more, they include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase. Also, if you have any issues, please refer to the user manual’s customer service information.

Also, the 450 CFM strong suction removes the annoyance of cooking odors, enabling you to experience cooking in a new way.

Furthermore, this product’s chimney’s height may be adjusted to accommodate a higher ceiling and is adaptable for installation in a variety of kitchen settings.

It can be fitted to either vent air outside or recirculate air with a Charcoal Filter (Charcoal Filter kit supplied separately, Part # CVP/CVG-CF).

The Modern Comfee Hood complements your kitchen style with a stainless-steel body, removable aluminum Baffle Filters, and an easy-to-clean tempered glass panel.


  • It has a strong suction of 450 CFM.
  • Further, it is made of high-quality stainless steel and is a perfect size.
  • It also contains a 5-Layer Reusable Aluminum Filter.


  • Not available.

FIREGAS Wall Mount Range Hood

FIREGAS Wall Mount Range Hood
Image from amazon

Making it to this list of the 5 best wall mount range hoods is the FIREGAS Wall Mount Range Hood.

FIREGAS wall-mount range hood with a 400 CFM exhaust fan and 3-speed settings eliminates smoke and smells. Furthermore, you can now reduce the harm done to your skin and well-being.

With the supplied Carbon Filter, the ductless range hood may be converted. Also, this product is very suitable for a variety of cooking methods.

The kitchen vent hood runs at full speed for an amazingly quiet operation with a noise level of 56 dB. Even more, no mormore, there arering sounds coming from the kitchen hood when cooking. 

In addition, the 2 x 1.5W LED range hoods provide adequate brightness to fulfill your cooking needs. You may adjust the timing, so you do not have to be in the kitchen for the entire cooking period.

Further, installation is simple with the instruction booklet and installation tutorial video.

Even more, this product comes with a 30-inch range hood with touchscreen control, simple operation, and responsive reaction.

The vent hood fan is simple to switch on and off, and the low, medium, and high-Speed buttons are appropriate for various cooking methods.

Also, this product uses superior stainless steel filters on kitchen exhaust fans to catch grease more effectively.

As a result, you can now leave your kitchen clean and ventilated.

Furthermore, this wall mount range hood has a modern style to complement a wide range of kitchen decors.

FIREGAS’s 24Y75CC contemporary canopy wall mount range hood (30 inches) will transform your kitchen.

Also, if you want assistance with your stove hood, please get in touch with their tech support staff.

Even more, it gives me great joy knowing that they will provide you with the finest service possible.


  • It has excellent suction and is quiet.
  • It has a classic design.
  • Superior multi-layer filters effectively separate grease and fumes.
  • The adjustable and telescopic chimney can accommodate ceiling heights ranging from 7.5 to 8.5 feet.


  • Not available

Tieasy Wall Mount Range Hood

Tieasy Wall Mount Range Hood

Making it to this list as the third best wall mount range hood is the Tieasy Wall Mount Range Hood.

Its classical pyramid hood made of superior 430-grade polished stainless suits many culinary interior decorations. An optional ductless carbon filter kit (Purchase Part # USGDCF-Y) is also available.

Featuring 3-speed push-button control, a low 55 dB sound level, and energy-efficient LED illumination. Your ultimate kitchen ventilation system.

The device measures 29.3 “W x 18.3″ L x 36.3″ H, has a chimney adjustable from 15-3/4″ to 29-1/2” (40cm-75cm), and fits a 7.5-8.5 foot ceiling. Extend the ceiling up to 10 feet with an extension, which you must purchase separately (Part #USGDEX-01).

5-layer aluminum mesh filters that are removable, reusable, and simple to clean.

Professional staff to provide you with prompt service. Equipment, directions, duct pipe, air backdraft regulator, and chimney flue duct coverings are included. 6 “vent with a circular top

Tieasy has been designing and manufacturing range hoods for about ten years.

They have a competent and experienced R&D team and extensive testing equipment to commit themselves to provide high-quality products that match the demands of the global user.

The motor exhausts the oxygen in the range hood structure, forming a low-pressure region to guide the air circulation.

This high-quality blower extracts smoke and smells from the surrounding atmosphere, keeping your house free of indoor contaminants.


  • It features a strong motor that produces little noise.
  • This range hood is simple to operate.
  • The body of the range hood is composed of stainless steel.
  • This hood contains aluminum mesh filters that improve air quality.


  • Whenever you utilize the hood, you may notice sparks.

IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood

IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood
Amazon image

This buying guide’s second best wall mount range hood is the IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood.

This device is composed of stainless steel and has an exquisite design. It also has a remote control. In addition, the innovative motion sensing capability offers an entirely new experience.

The huge airflow of 900 CFM with good balancing fans efficiently eliminates large quantities of fumes and cooking aromas from the atmosphere in your kitchen.

Adjust your stove top vent’s suction and noise level with the 4-speed setting. On the lowest setting, the noise level is 40 decibels, with a maximum noise level of 65.

2pcs 3W LED lights, customizable brightness to fit your cooking needs, can also conserve energy in your kitchen while providing sufficient light.

Furthermore, 2 identical dishwasher-safe and easily detachable stainless permanent filters to capture cooking fat and oil are included. 30-inch IKTCH Another excellent kitchen item is a built-in/insert range hood.

This inset range hood is made of premium stainless steel. The remotely controlled panel makes it simple to use and control. This range hood has a 900 CM rating. Therefore, it has enough airflow and ventilation.


  • You may clean the filters in the dishwasher.
  • Further, the exhaust on the hood produces 900 CFM.
  • Also, the body and frame of the range hood are composed of stainless steel.
  • Even more, this hood has a timer that you may set.
  • Additionally, this hood improves air quality.


  • You may encounter sensor issues.
  • Also, the exhaust fan tends to make noise.

COSMO COS-63175S Wall Mount Range Hood

COSMO COS-63175S Wall Mount Range Hood
Image from amazon.com

The best wall mount range hood for his buying guide is the COSMO COS-63175S Wall Mount Range Hood.

Cosmo provides attractive luxury range hoods at an accessible price, built with cutting-edge technology and the highest care. Also, cooking and housekeeping experiences that will make your life simpler, light up the kitchen and safeguard your health are to be expected.

380 CFM easily eliminates smells and odors for a clean kitchen.

Ducted range hoods exhaust outdoors and distance from your house.

With the Carbon Filter Kit, it converts to a ductless range hood. Purchase Part Number CFK1-TM (sold separately).

Furthermore, under ideal conditions, noise levels as low as 45 dB on the lowest fan speed with inflexible ducting (available separately); the range hood includes flexible ducting for easy installation.

In addition, the Cosmo ARC-FLOW Fixed Filters are dishwasher-safe and long-lasting.

Hence, there is no need to change these range hood filters. All you need to do is toss them in the dishwasher for maintenance and cost savings.

The 2-watt LEDs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, providing the range hood with brilliant, high-brightness lighting for enhanced vision at night.

Even more, their customer service team is proudly headquartered in the United States. 


  • You may convert this ductless system to a ducted system.
  •  Also, this hood’s exhaust includes three fans.
  •  Furthermore, this range hood has a CFM rating of 380.
  •  Additionally, it comes with a premium design at a reasonable price using 430-grade stainless steel.
  •  Even more, this range hood’s baffle filters are composed of stainless steel.
  •  Moreover, you can clean these filters (Dishwasher-safe).
  •  Ductless carbon filters are available.


  • The duct hose might come undone at times.

5 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 900 CMF Enough For Range Hood?

To operate your range hood, you must have at least a hundred CFM for every 10,000 BTUs of your cooktop. A 100,000 BTU stove, for instance, necessitates a minimum of a 1000 CFM range hood.
For electric stoves, double the width by ten. So, with a 42-inch electric stove, you’ll need a range hood with at least 420 CFM.

2. Which Is Better A Vented Or Unvented Range Hood?

Vented or ducted hoods outperform unducted hoods in terms of performance. A ducted hood cannot compete with an unducted hood. Ducted hoods are far more effective in removing oil, smoke, dampness, and undesirable odors.

3. Does CFM Matter For Ductless Range Hood?

CFM refers to cubic feet per minute and measures the ventilation system power of a range hood. Because they do not need to pump air through long ductwork, ductless range hoods do not require as high a CFM as ducted hoods.

4. What Happens If CFM Is Too High?

This exhaust fan would consume more fuel than needed, and the excess CFM may cause other problems such as drafts or an inability to dry out the still-present wetness.

5. Can A Range Hood Be Too Powerful?

Be careful because it is likely to have an overly large and strong hood. You will not desire to draw far too much air from the kitchen; besides that, you may need a make-up air kit to provide more oxygen to your kitchen.

5 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods: My Final Thoughts

The Best Wall Mount Range Hoods listed above have specs, advantages, and negatives. As a result, you can determine which of these Wall Mount Range Hoods you want to purchase with the information provided.

However, based on my study, I have determined that the “COSMO COS-63175S Wall Mount Range Hood” is the Best Wall Mount Range Hood. Furthermore, it comes with intriguing enhanced characteristics that cannot be ignored and are effective.

I hope you found my shopping guide for the 5 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods useful.

If you found the tutorial useful, please review it using the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this page.

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